Wednesday, December 31, 2008


It's been about one year since I started writing this blog to help manage my Type 1 diabetes. I never IMAGINED that by starting this blog I would be introduced to such an AMAZING group of people, The Diabetes Online Community. I have learned more about this disease I've battled for over 20 years in this one year, than all the other ones combined.

One year ago my husband saved my life by finding me unconscious on the floor next to our bed. He called the ambulance and one Glucagon shot later, all was well. But it was enough to scare the %&$* out of me and I realized I needed some support, an outlet of sorts to see if anyone understood what I was dealing with.

It all started with a little Irish angel named Bernard Farrell who found me first. He told me about the search engine he had created and I saw the Diabetes365 photo project linked on his blog. I thought, cool! What a neat idea and joined in! It was there on Flickr that I met lots of other cool diabetics like Kerri, Landileigh, and Sara. I also was linked to sites like Amy Tenderich's, Diabetes Mine and Manny's social network. The day I discovered there was a NINJA diabetic was a GOOD DAY with lots of laughs to follow. Scott K. Johnson is always the encouraging cheerleader. Then there's the awesome Chris Bishop who is my husband's favorite D-blogger because of his awesome comic book like layouts. Donnabetes who reminds me of my mother, always the optimist and her caring nature protrudes even through the internet!

There are sooooo many more of you, I could list you guys all day! But I wanted to take a moment and thank you for understanding the struggle and just being there in a way that other people can not. I am so thankful for the support I've found through this new circle of friends. May 2009 bring new friends to our little corner of the internet and lots of breakthroughs in research! I pray we all have a healthy, happy year full of blessings!!! Cheers!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Gabe's Pre School Program

This post is intended for out of town family, but some of you may enjoy it. =)

Last night Gabriel had his first Christmas Pre School program. It was VERY cute. The two's class did a live nativity to a narrative read by their teacher, the 3's and 4's sang some cute songs, and some of the school age children did a puppet show that was absolutely adorable.

Here's a clip from the first song, "Mary Had A Baby Boy and His Name Was Jesus..." Gabe is so funny.

Zoe and Mommy cheering for Gabe

What a ham!

Zoe and Daddy smile for the camera!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Menu Planning Monday

Monday- Peach Chicken, Rice - THIS IS SO GOOD OVER RICE!

Peach Chicken - serves 4-6

6 chicken breasts- halved
1 jar peach preserves
1 cup BBQ sauce
4 TB. soy sauce
1 onion diced

Sautee the above ingredients for 40 minutes on low

1 green pepper cut in thin strips
2 cans water chestnuts, drained

Add the green peppers and chestnuts for final 10 minutes.

Tuesday- Meatloaf, salad, corn cassarole

Wednesday- leftovers

Thursday- Tuscan Bean Soup, homemade bread

Friday- Pizza Biscuits

Saturday- hamburgers on the grill, veggies

Sunday- leftovers

Cheap Thrills For Us...

So, I don't think it's a secret that most everyone is pinching their pennies in America these days. We recently had family come to visit for Thanksgiving weekend and we had such an AWESOME time, without spending a ton of money! Enjoy my photo narrative.

Mattress Surfing 101

I swear this was hours of crazy fun, and a fantastic full body resistance workout. You try carrying an old twin mattress up stairs over and over again for a bunch of giddy little kids (umm and grown ups) wanting to take a ride down a flight of stairs into a bunch of bean bags.



(NOTE: I don't do football, but I had fun playing with Zoe and taking pictures!)




And then there was the Black Friday shopping, where CVS paid me 9.99 to take a new Rival crock pot out of their store.

Have a great week!!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Gabe and Disney

I think I've told the whole world this by now, but just incase you haven't heard...

Gabriel is going to have his adenoids removed on Tuesday morning. This is a really routine procedure that millions of people get done every year, and the recovery is suppose to be really fast. But it's still surgery and it's my baby, so I get to be just a little nervous. We are really hoping that this procedure will help his chronic sinus and ear infections and also help quiet his SNORING!! This kid sounds like Darth Vader at night!  Please pray for him on Tuesday if you think of it!  

We had a great time at Disney this weekend! Gabe's favorite parts were eating the free cookies and hot cocoa all night, meeting his hero, Woody, from Toy Story, and getting a cool gun from the Pirates of the Carribean ride. Here are some photos for your viewing pleasure. =)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Shack- Book Recommendation

I used to be a reader. And then I had two kids in 4 years. Now I rarely have time to read. So if I read a book AND take the time blog about it. It has to be good.

I haven't really done any book reviews since college and I don't really like writing them, so we won't call this a book review, but a book recommendation. If you want to know more about the synopsis of the story you can google The Shack or visit The Shack Website

I just wanted to say that this is one of the BEST books I've read in a long time!! It is a fiction story that is almost a modern day parable that describes God's love in simplicity and profoundness. It was a little difficult to get through at times, just because it hit some deep emotions with me... but it took me on a spiritual journey that was incredibly worth it. I found myself laughing, crying, and even worshipping at times. I can not recommend this book enough. It is written for anyone and everyone who has ever had a problem forgiving, letting go, trusting God, or feeling unworthy of God's love. (Ummm... so that's pretty much ALL of US unless you're in some serious denial!!!)

Even if you aren't a big fan of God or church or religious stuff.... I STILL encourage you to read it. It's a N.Y. Times #1 best seller and this is an amazing story. I haven't been this engaged in a story in a long time and it felt good to escape for a while and get lost in this story. If you don't think it was worth the time, you can send me nasty hate mail.

This author is brilliant. I just loved this book.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Before and Almost After P90x

I am going to post a couple of my before and after pictures since starting the P90x workout and really watching what I eat. I had a hard time finding a full body shot of me from before because I was so bummed out with my weight gain after having Zoe that I ended up deleting many of them!! I know, I'm so dang vain. There will be no bathing suit photos because when I run for public office someday I don't want there to be any crazy photos floating around the internet. (kidding, sort of)

BEFORE (8/08)

AFTER (11/08)

See my cute Animas pump??

These pictures were taken last night at my friend's wedding reception. I had to do a little editing on the sunset one because I forgot to turn on the flash before my friend took the picture, but I think the point will still get across!! If anyone reading this is a boo-ya awesome photo editor and can make it look better for me I'd be HAPPY and ETERNALLY GRATEFUL to email you the original for fixing! I love this photo of us, but I'm so sad that the lighting turned out bad.

Monday, November 17, 2008


There is a cool new search engine site called SwagBucks that I signed up for a few weeks ago and I'm already earning giftcards!! I'm using these to help decrease our Christmas gift budget! Every little bit helps! Please feel free to click on the link and sign up too! It's free and you can earn lots of cool free stuff!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

World Diabetes Day

Happy World Diabetes Day! Today is the day where we come together to bring diabetes awareness world wide. There is much promising research by many organizations and brilliant minds, so there is much hope for a cure within my lifetime!

There are currently about 23.6 million people in the United States that suffer from diabetes. (Source: ADA website) I encourage you to take a moment and learn a little more about diabetes! If it doesn't effect you currently, there is a VERY good chance it will (or someone dear to you) someday.

KNOW THE WARNING SIGNS! No child should die of this disease, but unfortunately many do because people do not catch the warning signs. Pay special attention especially if there is a family history.

Every day 200 children develop Type 1 diabetes. (That is crazy!)

Symptoms of Type 1 Diabetes:

Frequent urination
Excessive thirst
Increased hunger
Weight loss
Lack of interest and concentration
Blurred vision
Vomiting and stomach pain (often mistaken as the flu)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Veteran's Day!

These are a couple pictures of my grandfather, Bernie, who just passed away last month. He served in Wold War II and was stationed in Guam. Thank you to all the veterans and families of veteran's who have served and sacrificed to keep our country safe and free!
God bless you!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

CVS Deals 11/9/08

Just did this deal!! Worked perfectly

Transaction 1

1 Smart Water 1.69 (In some places it's 1.59)
1 Garnier Fructis shampoo 2.99
1 Blue Agent Listerene 3.99
Total: 8.57

- $1 off Blue Agent printable
- $1 Garnier Fructis
- $6.49 in ECB's ( a $3 and a 3.49)

= .12 out of pocket with $6.59 in ECB's back ($1.59 + 2 + 3)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Grumpy Pumpkin

You got to see pictures of Harry The Dirty Dog, but I forgot to let you see "Zoe the Grumpy Pumpkin". She was totally cool with the whole costume thing until the hat became part of the deal. Then everything fell apart. =) Oh well, maybe next year!

We have a fun weekend ahead with a yard sale, church, and hanging out with some good friends!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

God Bless America!

Yesterday my husband and I spent the day with some old college friends who recently moved back to town, Chad and Abbi. Chad was recently hired at the church we attend as the "Missions Minister". He and his wife told us a lot about some of their trips to China, India, and Nicaragua. It's funny how we get in our little bubble and don't spend much time thinking about what the church is like for those in other parts of the world. I was floored with some of the things he was telling me about how hard it is to be a Christian in a communist nation like China. How hard it is to simply meet with others. And it was then when I was given a new gratitude about how awesome our nation is that we have the freedom to believe whatever we want to believe and are not imprisoned or fined or beaten for our beliefs. Voting is a privilege that many have given their lives for and we should be thankful every day for the rights that we have.

My sister writes a weekly column for a small Kansas newspaper. She always emails me her column. I really liked this one and thought I'd post it in honor of the election tomorrow.

Teetering on the edge of the political scene
By Alisa Franz

While sitting at my computer, contemplating the presidential race, I read this excerpt from my cousin’s (Phil Kornegay) blog in Japan:
“Yesterday I left the house with two loads of clothes hanging out in an overcast sky, drying in the gentle breeze. Wasn’t on the road 10 minutes when the rain started. I get back and the clothes are soaked. Thus, I sit in the coin laundromat at 9 p.m.
“A middle age man is unloading his clothes from the washer. Instead of dumping the little basket into the dryer, he took each shirt, each sock, etc. out one at a time, examined it and shook it, I’m assuming to get out wrinkles?
“Then he slowly folded the shirts and stacked them inside the dryer. Again, I assumed he’s just using it as a table, although there was one right behind him.
“But no. With the clothes finally folded and neatly stacked inside the dryer, he put his 100 yens in, closed the door and pushed the dry button. He walked away to the bathroom while his clothes tumbled away.
“Huh? Is there, in any culture, a logical reason for doing this? Why waste all that time shaking and folding when the clothes are instantly jumbled around two seconds after pushing start?
“The answer is - like tons of other little mysteries here – that there is no reason. I think it was just his habit, a habit that he enjoyed and didn’t see any reason to change, despite all the evidence that the process is a complete waste of time and energy.
“In an unrelated incident (at least I think, unrelated) another laundry customer kept jumping up and hitting the button on my dryer. Again, it was for no apparent reason except maybe she enjoyed the beep on my machine better than the sound hers made.
“Why do people continue in habits they hope have some meaning, despite all the evidence to the contrary?
“I’m sure this is connected in some way to why our neighbor, a seemingly sane man, washes his car every night. No kidding. Every night ... buckets, rags, soap, around 9 p.m. every night.
“I guess we all have our rituals that don’t make sense to anyone but ourselves.
“Well, time to go, the weather report calls for rain and the sky is cloudy with no chance of sun, I should probably baffle my neighbors and put some more clothes out to dry.”
This morning you will read this and know who was elected the 44th President. Like it or not, the fact is, he is the new commander-in-chief.
Unfortunately, I do not possess a love for politics. I purposely have chosen to teeter on the edge of the political scene, knowing just enough to make my vote dangerous.
Before the election, both of my kids asked me who they were “supposed” to vote for if they were old enough. The phrasing of this question caused me to carefully consider how I would answer this question.
I told them both that I am typically a more conservative, Republican voter. I don’t like to vote based on one issue but that some issues are definitely more important to me than others.
Yesterday, I took my voter’s card to my assigned polling place. This year I tried not to vote out of habit or ritual, but to make an informed decision as to who I believe will best run our country based on the Biblical principle’s I under which I work to adhere.
This year I hope I made my vote really count.
I will assuage my fears if those that I did not vote for are elected. I will support the elected and pray that our nation’s leaders will make decisions that are wise and protect our country’s Biblical foundations.
I have taught my kids to “rise up, stand firm and shine bright.” I expect the same from our leaders. Although, voters must keep in mind that these officials are humans and grace and mercy must be shown, even to those who are expected be above reproach.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Preview

Gabriel's "Fall Party" is tomorrow (that's conservative Christian school code for HALLOWEEN PARTY!) and the kids are supposed to dress up like their favorite story book character. Gabe's favorite story is "Harry The Dirty Dog" which is a book about a little white dog with black spots who runs away from home because he does not want to take a bath. On his adventures, he gets very dirty and turns into a black dog with white spots. When he gets back home, his family doesn't recognize him until he runs upstairs and hops into the tub with his scrub brush in his mouth. After his bath, his family realizes the little dog IS HARRY! How cute.... we will be reading the story at circle time. Here's a photo of my first attempt at costume making. Hopefully he looks enough like a dog and not like a cow.

I also got signed up to bring "Fall Cookies". I wasn't quite sure what the difference between a Fall cookie and a Summer cookie was so I got some help from Family Fun magazine and made these cute little guys out of Oreos, candy corn, Whoppers, and a little white icing. (They are VERY diabetic friendly *insert sarcasm here*)

Meanwhile, Zoe was very busy giving us a helping hand getting the costumes and snacks ready....

Tonight we will be carving our pumpkin together!!

Hope all of you out there have a safe and fun Halloween tomorrow!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

P90x Update Vlog

Hi everyone! I figured it was time for another vlog!!

To clarify.... My kids were napping AND the windows were open. =)

Also, I realized when I turned the computer screen, Franklin was no where in sight. HAHA.

You can learn more about our decision to P90x HERE

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Just wanted to add one more thing to my Friday Felicities.

I happened to see the "Omaha Steaks Deal" right after it was posted from Thrifty Florida Mama and got my steak burgers yesterday! It was delivered in dry ice and Gabe and I had a lot of fun pouring water on it and making fog. haha.

I got 18 4 oz. steakburgers (Yes...18!!!)
And a knife cutlery set and cutting board (Which I will be selling at my yard sale because they look cheap and we have Cutco's)

For $3.98!!!!!!!!

This deal is now dead... I went to my friend's house about 3 hours after I did the deal to help her do it and even she couldn't get it to work!!! You have to be SUPERSONIC fast on some of these deals!! (She did get 12 burgers for $3.98, but not the bonus 6 and kitchen stuff)

Please pray for our family. We are being attacked by sickness. We woke up this morning and 3 out of 4 of us have pink eye. Please pray that Justin remains well. He has an amazing immune system! Thanks! Happy Weekend!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday Felicities

Things That Make Me Happy....

Jesus loves me, this I know.... for the Bible tells me so.

November 4th is almost here. I might shoot myself if it were any further away.

Afrin. Yes I know it's bad for you, but oh how well I sleep when my nasal passages are open.

CVS. I adore your deals.

Franklin... my Jack Russell is licking my feet right now as I type. He's the best.

Peppermint Mocha creamer is back and I am hoarding it in my fridge right now!!

The Only Political Blog You'll Ever See Me Write...

Why? Because I'm naturally a pretty non-confrontational person and I see how angry and mean political opinions can make people.

With that said... I am unapologetically a Christian who supports pro-life legislature and organizations who help give the unborn a voice. This hits close to home for me because I am married to a wonderful man who was born to a scared 16 year old woman over 28 years ago. She could have easily made the decision to kill him since she was young, and scared, and needed to finish school.... etc. Thankfully, she made the right decision, but many women don't have the same support she had and are misled to believe that ending their baby's life would be better than the alternatives.

I have flipped and flopped my vote over these past two months and prayerfully considered each candidate. There were times when I wanted to support Obama, and times when I wanted to support McCain.

Thirdly, over the past couple days I have realized that I had the facts and needed to make a decision that was right for my beliefs on who will provide the best leadership for the future of our country. This has been a tough decision for me because I'm not crazy about either candidate.

After researching this website I have decided to give McCain my vote because of my stance on abortion issues. I realize many of you may feel that the economy, foreign policy, and national security may take precedent over something as "silly" as abortion, but in my book, I have realized NOTHING is more important than the sanctity of human life.

Please take a few moments to look at the FACTS from this website below on Obama's voting record for late term abortion in the state of IL. (That matched a federal bill)

I respect that we all have differing opinions on issues as controversial as this, but I am passionate about speaking up for those who have no voice and felt compelled to share.

God bless!

Friday, October 17, 2008

I'm Having An I Hate Diabetes Week...

not that every week isn't an I Hate Diabetes week, but this has been a tough one.

First there was my encounter with my life insurance policy. It came to my attention that I had been paying the "Standard Smokers Rate" for the past 5 years on my policy. As a Type 1 diabetic it is VERY difficult to obtain life insurance, so I make sure to maintain this policy just incase anything happens to me. I was all excited and thought I may be in the running for a refund, only to find out the reason they have me listed as a smoker is because it's cheaper than if I did a medical review and they found out I was a T1 diabetic. This makes me frustrated.

Today I spent the day in bed most of the day. Trying desperately to entertain and take care of the basic needs of my children. Gabe, unfortunately spent most of the day entertained by PBS kids, Disney movies, and educational websites. I have been munching on fruit punch flavored glucose tablets and enjoying the beautiful shade of pink that comes up when my stomach decides it doesn't want anything to digest in it today.

Then there was my trip to the mail box, only to discover a $1400 medical supply bill for insulin pump stuff. I am hopeful that I will only have to pay about $400 of this bill, but now I get to look forward to digging through EOB's and trying to find proof.

I hate diabetes. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it. And Stay At Home Moms don't get a day off. *end of rant*

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ziploc Omelettes

We made these ziploc omelettes tonight and it was so much fun!!

Have guests write their name on a quart-size Ziploc freezer bag with permanent mar

Crack 2 eggs (large or extra-large) into the bag (not more than 2 or it will be runny) shake to combine them.

Put out a variety of ingredients such as: cheeses, ham, onion, green pepper, tomato, hash browns, salsa, etc.

Each guest adds prepared ingredients of choice to their bag and shake. Make sure to get the air out of the bag and zip it up.

Place the bags into rolling, boiling water for exactly 13 minutes. You can usually cook 6-8 omelets in a large pot. For more, make another pot of boiling water.

Open the bags and the omelet will roll out easily. Be prepared for everyone to be amazed.

Nice to serve with fresh fruit and coffee cake; everyone gets involved in the process and a great conversation piece.

Friday, October 10, 2008

World Diabetes Day... You Can Help!!

November 14th is World Diabetes Day. A couple leaders amongst the Diabetes online community are petitioning Google to make a Doodle on this day to help promote Diabetes awareness. We are trying to get 20,000 signatures. Would you PLEASE take a few seconds and sign this petition by clicking the link below? Thanks!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


My friend Jim-Bob sent me this video today. He just went up like 10 notches on the cool scale (and he was already REALLY cool, mostly because his wife is so awesome) ;-) Enjoy!!!!

And for you non music people, this WHOLE jazz boogie is based off of 3 little chords. The I, IV, V7 progression. It's so much easier than it looks, I promise!! If you've always wanted to learn piano. Go take a couple improv/jazz lessons from a good teacher. I dare ya. =)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Importance of Saving In Today's Economy

A few weeks ago some friends of mine were talking about what to do with the money their small children were given for birthdays, Christmas, etc. We decided to open them an account at ING Direct so this money can be earning a GREAT interest rate, but still be very liquid (unlike bonds). I can not stress how much I LOVE this bank! I TRULY feel like this is one of the few banks left in America that's still acting responsibly and with integrity. Justin and I also have our Emergency Fund with them.

Here's why I love them. When you open a FREE Orange Savings Account with them through a referral from an existing customer they give you a free $25 if you open it with a minimum of $250.

The interest rate is 3.5% !!!! That is AWESOME!! The reason they can give you such a high rate (the rate at our other bank where we previously had our savings was .3%) is because they have no physical branches. Everything is taken care of online and linked to the external checking account of your primary bank.

For example, if I want to deposit $50 into Zoe's savings account I simply click on "Transfer money from Checking To Zoe's Account" and if I need to use some of our emergency fund for an emergency, I just click Transfer from Emergency Fund to Checking. It takes 2 business days to go through.

If you want to open more accounts, say for targeted things like a vacation or new car you can also do this with just a click of a button, and there are NO FEES PEOPLE!

If you'd like to learn more about opening an ING DIRECT account, please email me or leave me a link with an email address where I can send you the referral email. Even if you go into dire financial straights and have to close the account someday, you still get a free $25 bucks if you open the account with $250! You really can't lose!

I know in this tough economy you may be thinking, "I can barely pay my bills, how the heck can I afford to SAVE?" This is not an easy question to answer and we felt this way ourselves at one time. Last year at this time, Justin and I had much more money going OUT than we had coming IN. We decided to hire a Financial Consultant through Dave Ramsey's organization and she was worth every penny. She gave us ideas that I would have never thought of on my own and gave us a peace that allowed me to free my mind of all the horrible worries that debt can bring upon us. Dave Ramsey is the author of the Financial Peace University course that is taught at many churches across the country. It focuses on living below your means and becoming debt free. I HIGHLY recommend it!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

P90X... And So It Begins!

Diabetes + Healthy Eating = Good
Diabetes + Healthy Eating + Exercise = Better Than Just Good

Windy + Exercise = Virtually Non Existent (Until Now!!!)

Justin and I decided a few weeks ago that it was time to get back into shape. Both of us are at a normal BMI, but since Zoe came along we've definitely turned into bigger homebodies since it is more difficult to cart around two small children than it is just one. Along with our homebody-ness we've found ourselves watching a LOT of TV and movies at night. Along with our TV and movie watching has come SNACKING. "Get in my BELL-LAY! It's a vicious cycle." The road we were heading down was trouble.

So, Hunkalicious Justin (That was for you Landileigh) decided to whip out something called P90X on me. Basically it is a 90 day workout program. 12 different workouts. Boot camp style. 5 days a week you work out for about an hour and twenty minutes. One day you do Yoga, something lower key, and one day you stretch or rest. There's nothing gimmicky about it, it's just HARD STINKING SWEATY HORRIBLE WORK!! I am learning new words like Plyometrics, Kenpo, Synergistics... FUN STUFF. The great thing about this workout, is I can use my little 5-8 lb weights, while Justin uses his big strong man weights and we can both do it together. For me, accountability is VITAL to succeeding in exercising and weight loss. If I don't have a buddy going, "Come on, it's time. Get off your lazy rear!" then I find myself saying, "Forget it. I'm taking a nap."

The video I particularly LOATHE is the AbRipperX. Ironically, this is the video you do the most (3x a week- 16 minutes of hellish ab work) I found this video on You Tube very hilarious. DISCLAIMER: Lots of naughty language! Surprisingly, I made it through the whole workout the first time, but I didn't do HALF the reps they do on the video. I will by the end of 90 days though. Ab work makes me cantankerous. (That was for you Alisa)

I took "Before Pictures", that no, I will not share on this wondrous thing called the Internet. But the reason Justin convinced me to do this workout had a lot to do with people on You Tube who posted their results via Vlogs. They weren't paid spokespeople, but just folks like you and me wanting to get in shape. Hopefully in 83 more days, I'll be able to give you some good news about this program and post my own inspiring video! (Don't hold your breath though! We'll see!!)

So far, one week into this, I am SOOOORRRRREEEE. The guy on the video says, "The soreness is the weakness leaving your body." I kinda like that picture. Hasta la vista Weak Windy!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Diabetic Spouse: Vlog

The other day I had a pretty intense low blood sugar dipping into the mid twenties. (I wasn't wearing my CGM at the time) Didn't really feel it coming on because I was busy being a busy bee. ;-) Anyways, here's a vlog about what it's like dealing with a psychotic diabetic wife from time to time. hee hee hee. My husband is so great!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Diabetes Bond

There are lots of things in life that bond folks together; faith, parenthood, jobs, family, friendship, circumstances. Lots of us know that dealing with a chronic illness can do the same! Yesterday was a prime example.

I teach piano at a great local performing arts school and my boss informed me yesterday that I had a new student who was a 10 year old Type 1 diabetic.

"REALLY?!?" I was so excited. This made me excited because I love any chance I get to use this piece of crap disease for greater human good.

When her time slot rolled around I was so stoked to meet her!

Me: Hi! I'm Ms. Windy your new teacher.

K: Hi. *nervous smile and handshake*

Me: So I hear you have Type 1 diabetes.

K: Um, yeah. *looks insecure and kind of intimidated*

Me: Well, I have it too. Do you have a pump? *I pull back my cardigan and show off the pump on my hip*

This is the greatest part. This is where her face switches from scared and nervous to *OH MY GOSH! SHE IS JUST LIKE ME!!*

She immediately stood taller, got excited, and became a chatterbox. She whipped out her insulin pump (which was in an adorable pink carrying case) and showed me.

K: "I'm getting a new one soon with the blood sugar checker in it" *She meant CGM, too cute*

Me: That's great! I have one too. *Miss Bionic Woman pulls the Dexcom out of her briefcase* It's really changed my life, it's great to be able to just look down and know where my levels are at.

K: I'm really excited about it.

Me: That's great!! Now let's get started here with these piano books.

I love the diabetes bond. =) It's one great thing about this monster.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Windy's Birthday Vlog!

Hey folks! It's been a GREAT laid back 27th birthday so far and we had a fun morning at the ADA Diabetes EXPO this morning. Props to my gal, Laura for coming along with me, even though she doesn't have diabetes... that's a true blue friend man!

Enjoy the vlog below that talks about the BEST OF the freebies. And the picture below is my favorite free-bie... the full of sugar frozen yogurt compliments of Eli Lily, our insulin making friends. CRACKED ME UP. "Here diabetics, have some ice cream... now buy our insulin or DIE!!!" HAHAHA.

Have a nice weekend!!

P.S. Listen for the faint Goonies reference by my beckoning husband at the very end. "Bay-be Roooth?"

Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday Felicities

Miley Grace- My new niece!!!
A great pediatrician who supports my delayed vaccine schedule for Zoe
A wonderful husband who runs errands for me when he sees I'm getting overwhelmed
Hazelnut coffee and hot scrambled eggs
27 years on this planet as of TOMORROW!!
Diabetes EXPO this weekend.... FREE STUFF!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My Favorite Things....

It's been a while since I had something to share on My Favorite Things, hosted by FiddleDeeDee. But I HAD TO SHARE THIS. We have an adorable Jack Russell named Franklin who unfortunately sheds these little white hairs on E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. I had heard all kinds of things about this amazing deshedding tool called "The Furminator." (It's even fun to say!) So I finally bought one on ebay last week. (They are like $40 retail.... go on ebay, waaaay cheaper) It came last week and you would have thought a diamond ring arrived in the mail when I opened it. Franklin LOVED getting "Furminated." And I swear I brushed half of him away. I have seen waaay less fur on the couch and on my clothes. This thing works GREAT! If you have cats or dogs that shed, I highly recommend this thing.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Ok... you asked for it! Vlog #2

I can't believe you're back for more, but I'm very happy you're here.

Not quite as hilarious, but equally adorable... meet our munchkins.

Friday, August 29, 2008


It's my first diabetes vlog.  With special guests.... Justin and Franklin.


Friday Felicities

* Zoe turns ONE this weekend! 
* Fun picnic party tomorrow morning
* The latte in my hands
* My beautiful sister in law is due to have a baby girl any day now (hopefully not before Sat morning though!) 
* Gabe going to pre school next week!
* Starting my new job next week
* Beginning a Beth Moore Bible study soon
* My W@H friends

Thursday, August 28, 2008

News! News!

I got a call this morning that I've been praying for a while to come!  The pre school that Gabriel has been on a waiting list for finally called!!  YAAAY!  Has anyone else ever felt like THEY were being interviewed by the prestigious pre school, instead of you interviewing THEM?  i.e.  

Director: "Ms. Cobourne do you bake brownies?" 

Me: "Umm, uh huh."

Director: "From a box or from scratch?"

Me: "Well, er..."

Director: "Do you have the ability to grow the cocoa beans organically and grind them fresh?"

Me:  "Ahhhhhh!!!!" 

OK, so I'm kidding, but I did find myself calling occasionally and informing them of my music education degree and how much I'd LOVE to come in and help show the pre schoolers the magical world of quarter notes and brightly colored rhythm sticks. (If you'd just make some space for my adorable child!!!)  HA! It must have worked!  

Keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we all adjust to our new schedules next week with new school and new jobs!  OH.. That's right... I didn't share about my new job yet! 

I am going to be teaching piano at a dance school that is expanding into a music school one day per week to start, and two days later this Fall.  I am a little nervous about leaving my Zoe, but I know she'll be a champ with her great babysitters....

Well... my son is putting fake tattoos on his adorable little baby sister so I must run for now! 

Love ya mean it! 

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Publix Diaper Deal

OK, this worked out to be a pretty decent diaper deal that I just did at Publix. If you have these coupons, you might want to try it too!

1 Huggies Natural supreme diapers $16.99
1 Huggies Wipes 242 count (3 packs) $8.99
= $26 before coupons

- $5 when you buy both in circular at front of store
- $5 Huggies off from Publix Baby Club
- $1.50 Huggies wipes Publix Baby Club
- $1.50 Huggies manufacturer coupon (mailer)
- $1 Huggies wipes manufacturer coupon (mailer)
= $12 out of pocket Not Bad!

Monday, August 25, 2008


And now, without any further au-du.... 

Ladies Man

I've been storytelling at church for a couple weeks now for the 3's and 4's classes.  Yesterday they learned that God is always with them, even when we need to be brave!  (Moses and the Red Sea).   I've REALLY enjoyed working with this age, especially the 4's.... their imaginations are REALLY taking off and they are so excited to learn! (Not to mention hilarious!)  

Anyways... my son Gabriel is in the older 3's class.  During the VBS closing program this summer, he spent half the song trying to talk to this cute little red headed girl.  Her name is Lily.  You can see what I mean here....

Well, yesterday during worship time at The Marina, (This is the time when all the 3's and 4's are combined into one big room)  Gabe kept trying to stand next to her, and talk to her again!  He ran over to me and said, "Mom!! Lily said I could dance with her!"   Then they started giggling and smiling at each other.   

When it was time to go back to their individual classrooms I saw Gabe run over to Lily's line and kiss her on the cheek!   WHAT?!?!?!    Ok, so on the one hand it was very, very adorable... on the other hand.... HE'S 3!!!  Ahhhhhhh!  What am I in for???   

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Saturday, August 23, 2008

I Deserve An Emmy

So did you see it?  (Incase you're new:  Our ABC Action News Station did a story on CVS Shopping and Saving Money and interviewed me and followed me to aired last night)

  My friend Sonya emailed me saying that she had toothpicks in her eyes trying to stay up to watch it!!! HAHA!  ME TOO GIRL!   I thought the story was GREAT and INFORMATIVE and I hope they put it up on the website soon so I can link you all to it!  What a fun experience! 

P.S.   I got a job today! More on that later....   

Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday Felicities

*  Not getting much action from Tropical Storm Fay
*  Interview for teaching piano this afternoon
*  Being on TV Tonight!  Yippee!! 
*  Mom and Dad coming over to play with the kids today
*  Coffee
*  That I am blessed with diabetes technology
*  MY NEW BED!!! Hallelujah Thank you Jesus I wake up without back pain!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Update: Bread

I very well might turn INTO a loaf of whole wheat bread, because I am tempted to eat it ALL! (Though I won't do that to my poor diabetic body)

  This is AMAZING.  I wish I could bake some for the whole world to eat.  

Everyone go make this bread right now.  


It's Official, I've Turned Into Betty Crocker

Well, we'll see in about two hours.  I am making my first loaf of home made whole wheat bread right now.  I got the recipe from a website that I really enjoy called Biblical Womanhood.  Anyways.... my bread maker that my mother in law gave me like two years ago is FINALLY getting some use!!  I am using the dough cycle and then I'll BAKE the bread in my oven, because it's suppose to turn out better that way.  I'm REALLLLY excited and hoping it turns out good because then I can just make all out bread and we can be even MORE FRUGAL! hee hee!  

It was pretty easy.  Here are the steps taken from the Biblical Womanhood website if you wanna have a go too! 

Homemade Wheat Bread

1 cup warm water (110-115 degrees F.)
1 tablespoon milk
2 tablespoons oil
4 tablespoons brown sugar
1 teaspoon salt
1 cup whole-wheat flour
2 cups all-purpose flour
2 teaspoons dry yeast

Put all ingredients in the bread machine in the order listed. Set on dough cycle. When dough cycle is finished, take dough out and shape into a loaf in a greased bread pan. Cover and let rise in a warm place for 20 minutes. Bake at 350 degrees F. for 30 minutes or until golden brown.

In other non-frugal news... we got a new bed!  It is a California King Serta something or other and it is absolutely heavenly.   Our other mattress was sinking in the middle and just not working for us.... especially since I'm a wimpy Mom who lets her 11 month old co-sleep with her when she wakes up screaming EVERY SINGLE NIGHT at 3:30 a.m.  *sigh*  
Now there's lots of room for our whole happy family.  hee hee hee.  

I have a job interview on Friday at a music school.  I'm pretty exciting and hoping it will be a good fit for me.  =)

Monday, August 18, 2008

Menu Planning Monday


Monday- Peach Asian Chicken, sticky rice, salad

This is so good!  I usually half the recipe if it's only my family eating it. 

Peach Asian Chicken (serves 6-8)

 1 jar peach jelly

1 cup BBQ sauce

4 Tbs soy sauce

1 green pepper, thin strips

1 onion, diced

2 cans sliced water chestnuts

6-8 chicken breasts halved


Brown the chicken breasts in a sautee pan on both sides in EVOO

Mix together BBQ sauce, soy sauce, peach preserves and diced onion and pour over chicken

Sautee 40 minutes covered

Add green pepper and chestnuts last 10 minutes

Tuesday- Hamburger Helper, Veggies

Wednesday-  Grilled Chicken, Mashed Red Potatoes, Salad

Thursday- Spaghetti Bake, Homemade Bread, Salad

Friday- Steaks, Salad

Saturday- Leftovers, hotdogs, sandwiches


OK, so apparently we may be getting hit with a Cat. 1 or 2 Hurricane on Tuesday morning, so I thought I'd better go get a little more water and some batteries for our hurricane lamp and flashlights.  Zoe has a cold and runny nose, so I took advantage of the cheap Puffs tissues as well! 
I totally burned my ECB's and have none now... but oh well... whatcha gonna do?  

Transaction 1
2   4 pks. D batteries  Duracell     $10.58 

- $2 / $10 CVS coupon
- 2 .75 off Duracell from 8/3 Proctor and G insert
- $5 ECBs
= $2 out of pocket

Transaction 2
24 pack CVS water   $3.99
1 Colgate Total (and it had a free 360 toothbrush attached to it!         $3
2 Puffs        $.176  (.88 each)
2 Glades    $1.76   (.88 each)  

= 10.52
- $2 / $10 CVS ICP
- $1 Colgate CRT
- $1.50 Colgate manu coupon from recent insert
- BOGO Free Glade
- 2 .25 off Puffs
- $1 water CRT

= 3.64 Out of pocket

Not bad.... I'm prepared for a hurricane for less than $6 out of pocket!  Yippee!  
Now if only I could hire a lawn boy at CVS... I need to cut my grass before it starts raining!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Four Generations

L to R: My Mom Sherry, My Niece Aubree, Grandma McCarthy, My big sister Alisa, My daughter Zoe, and me

Can I just get a WOOT for what a fine bunch of women this is? 

I gotta Grandma is pushing 90 and her legs are still lookin might good.  haha.  

My Grandma McCarthy has been loosing her memory due to dementia/Alzheimer's over the past four years since my Grandpa passed away.  It's been difficult for all of us to watch, but I guess that's just the circle of life or whatever you call it.  She didn't know who I was a couple weeks ago when I came to visit her.  I'm pretty sure she didn't know who my sister was either.  Ouch.  We just chatted anyways and tried to carry on as much of a conversation as we could.  

I try to hold on to those "good ole days" memories.... not even Alzheimer's can take those away from me!  Here are some of my favorite things that take me to my happy place....
Grandma and Grandpa lived on a lake and Grandpa would fish with us outside.  If we caught enough... Grandma would fry them up for dinner.  =)  

Grandma SHOULD have tried out for Jeopardy. She watched faithfully EVERY SINGLE NIGHT.  In fact, if I called them on the phone between 7:30-8:00 p.m.  I usually got yelled at.  

Grandma is a great example of a supportive mother and wife.  She always kept a tidy and clean house and her love for my Grandfather was never failing.   Their marriage was an example for all of their children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren.  

Both of my grandparents spent a lot of time with me growing up.  I have lots of memories playing cards and games around their kitchen table, taking walks into downtown Safety Harbor for a soda, fishing in the back yard, playing croquet, reading books, creating oil paintings and crafts, playing their organ, and perusing through the many family pictures they kept out in their living room. 

I treasure these memories in my heart closely and look forward to the many more memories I will make with my family in the days that God blesses me with in the future.  

Menu Planning....Tuesday?


Monday-  Baked Spaghetti, salads
Tuesday-  BBQ Pork Sandwiches, Salads
Wednesday-  Loaded Baked Potatoes, Veggies
Thursday-  Creamy Crock Pot Chicken over noodles
Friday- leftovers
Saturday- hot dogs, leftovers

Monday, August 11, 2008

My TV Debut!

Thank you so much to everyone who left comments on my last CVS post!  I appreciate it and thought about all of them.  Trust me, I was running transactions through my head until I thought my brain was going to explode this morning!  

    In the end, I decided to stick with my original plan that is listed below (even though it ate up some of my ECB's) and here is why.  I had to ask myself, "What is the goal of agreeing to do this interview?"  The answer was that I wanted to inspire Moms (or Dads!) who are frustrated with the rising gas and food prices to give the grocery game a try and see if it can help cut their food/household expenses!  I know, as a SAHM, if I saw someone on TV walk out of a store with three packages of diapers and two packages of baby soap for $6 out of pocket (and $5 to come back and spend next time!) I would say, "Umm... I need to figure out how to do that too!"    

     I know couponing and store programs like the Extra Care program has helped TREMENDOUSLY for us.  When I told Jackie Callaway that we had nearly cut our household budget in half over the past four months she was very surprised.   

    I am soooo excited about seeing this story air!  I did talk about such blogs as Money Saving Mom, FiddleDeeDee, and even my own blog during my interview.  Tom, the wondrous camera man, was very thorough in getting lots of great shots of the computer screens to edit into the story.   Jackie said she wasn't sure of an exact date, but she'd let me know... and I will be sure to let you all know when it will air on ABC Action News Tampa.   I'm pretty sure it will be at least a week from now and will post when I find out.   

    Our CVS trip was just amazing.  The managers and staff (Even the PHARMACY staff) were all awaiting our arrival with smiling faces and ridiculously good customer service.  If you ever want REALLY good customer service at CVS, just have someone with a huge camera follow you around the store.  HAHA!     

Saturday, August 9, 2008


I am going to be interviewed by ABC Action News Consumer Reporter, Jackie Callaway, on Monday morning.  She is going to speak with me about CVS shopping and then shadow me as I shop at CVS.  These are the transactions that I am planning for next week, as I REALLY need diapers.  I am going to LOOSE ECB's doing this, but will spend minimal out of pocket.  Can you PROS let me know if you see something better?  I have all the Lamisil coupons for that deal, but I kinda want to keep it simple for the cameras, so it's easy to explain.  (I'm also afraid that if the store is out of something, I will be stuck and have to come up with a new deal on the spot! Know what I mean?)    I am very confident that they will not run out of Huggies. ;-)  

I've already reached the limit on the Infant's Advil deal too. 


2 Huggies  $18

- $2 /$10  CVS coupon

 - $ 3 Huggies  ( 2 / 1.50 off )

= $13

-11.58  ECB's

 =  1.42 OOP


1 Huggies  $8.99

2 buddies  1.98

= $10.97

-       -$2 CVS

-       -$2 Buddies

-     -  $1.50 Huggies

= $5.50  OOP

Earn $5  ECB

For a total of $6.42 out of pocket for 3 packages of Huggies and 2 soaps.   I know this is insanely cheap, but I also read the blogs of those of you who only spend pennies!  Fire away with comments please!  =)   Thanks! 

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Click below for an interesting article I read linked to via Tu Diabetes on some possible new breakthroughs in diabetes therapy that have worked in mice.  Unfortunately, I'm not a mouse... but progress is always positive!  

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I Never Read Porns

I had to write this one down so I didn't forget.  Too funny!

Gabe: *with mouth full of snack bar*   "Mom, I never read porns!!" 

Me: *spits orange juice all over MacBook Pro*   "Excuse me?"

Gabe: *says very strongly, but still with lots of snack bar in his mouth*  "I*Never*Read*Porns, because the neighbors get mad."

Me:  *refuses to believe what my ears are hearing from the mouth of my baby* "Gabe, swallow your food and tell me again."

Gabe:  *chew chew chew chew swallow*  "I never beep horns, because the neighbors get mad and come outside." 

Me: *whew deep breath*   "Yes, that's right.  Only Mommy beeps the horn of our car."  

Life is never dull over here.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Free Diapers From CVS....

I have an 11 month old pooing baby and a tight budget this week!  I just figured out how to get some free diapers!  Yippee!  Here's my CVS transaction ideas.  

Transaction #1
1 Pampers Jumbo pack   $8.88
2 Children's Advil            $5.79 each (11.58)
Total:  20.46

-$2/10 CVS coupon from online newspaper   (see link) 
-$2.50 off any $10 pain relief purchase CRT
-$1.50 /1 Pampers coupon from Proctor and Gamble insert 
-2 / $1 Children's Advil  (see  link) 
-9.99 ECB's from last week's Revlon make up deal
Total OOP:  about 2.47 cents  
ECB's earned- 11.58

Transaction 2
1 Easy Ups   8.88
1 gallon milk  3.99
1 Advantage toothbrush  $2.99
1 Colgate Advance toothpaste   $2.49
Total:   18.35
- $2/$10 
- $1 Oral B toothbrush
-$1.50 Colgate toothpaste (from August All You magazine 
-$1.50  Pampers
- $11.58 ECB's from Transaction 1
= $0.77
ECB's earned  $3.50  

Menu Planning Monday


Monday-  leftovers, rice, veggies
Tuesday-  Peach Chicken over rice
Wednesday-  Baked Spaghetti (freeze half), green beans 
Thursday- Leftovers
Friday- Crispy Talapia, mashed potatoes, veggies
Sat- leftovers

Yes, I know  lot of leftovers!  But I hate wasting food and have some 

Friday, August 1, 2008

5 Years Of Hunkalicious....

I know, I know....get a room.

Eight years ago I began dating you.  I'm not sure how you convinced me that I should go on a date with you.  Maybe it was that pimped out Ford Ranger with the custom blue velvet interior that made me swoon.  Or maybe it was the bleached blonde head of yours.  Or maybe it was just the fact that you were hot and had a great singing voice.... yup, that was probably it.    ;)   

    Five years ago, tomorrow, I married you.  We've made it through some very very fun times and some incredibly rough times as well.  Through it all, I have fallen more in love with you each day.  Your ability to love others just absolutely amazes me.  Your desire to serve God, even when it isn't easily laid out for you, is incredible.  I'm so thankful to have a best friend who inspires me to show others the love of Christ in every situation.   

In five years we've gone from hiding a ferret in our little Bible college townhouse, to being homeowners with college degrees, two kids, and a Jack Russell Terrier.   With a world of learning and experiences in between, it's been a heck of a ride.  I pray for decades of more memories to make with you, but I thank God for each minute.    

I love you Justin.  Happy Anniversary. 

Thursday, July 31, 2008

House Arrest: A New Diabetes First

I placed my Dexcom CGMS sensor on the back of my arm yesterday.  I'm taking a "Total Tummy Break" all summer to try and give my battered and bruised stomach a much needed rest, after 20 years of abuse.   

The guy behind me in Walmart last night asked me, "Are you on house arrest or something?" 

 I looked back at him, obviously confused.  "Huh?"  

Him:  "That thing on your arm. Is that for the cops?" 

Me:  "If I were on house arrest, would I be shopping at Walmart?" 

Him:  "Oh."  

Normally, this is where I'd use this opportunity to educate people on diabetes technology.  
I was pretty sure this guy couldn't handle where I was about to go though.  

Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday Felicities


* Going to the Choi's River House with the Franz's all weekend!
* Walmart School Supplies for pennies
* Baby life jackets (it's so cute!)
* Coffee waking me up
* Zoe kisses

Monday, July 21, 2008

Breaking News! Yippee!!

My Dexcom just got approved from by my insurance....FINALLY! (Blue Cross Blue Shield Anthem of Ohio)    Yippee!    Still hopin and prayin for all you folks who are still fighting to get approved!!   
*We have family in town, basically, for the rest of July and will be in and out... not much time to blog!   
*Baby Seth is improving.  The doctors told Ellyn that they believe he is through the worst of it. Please keep praying against infection since he still has several lines in.  Thanks! 

More later....

Saturday, July 19, 2008


Please pray for my friend Ellyn, her husband John, and their new son, Seth.  Seth was born pre mature and is having several serious health complications.   Please pray for healing and good communication with the doctors.   Thank you! 

Friday, July 18, 2008

Friday Felicities

* God's faithfulness... why do I still worry??
* My hardworking husband
* Two beautiful babies of my own
* Jedidiah William Jett
* Redbull Flugtag Tomorrow!!
* W@H friends, what a God send to my life.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Works For Me Wednesday

I went to a baby shower last Saturday night and I mentioned to the Mom how I was surprised at how many crib sheets she registered for.  This is when another Mom piped in and said how she layers her crib sheets so when her baby spits up she doesn't have to lift up the mattress and put another one on.  She lays the diaper changing pads in between them to keep each one clean and dry and says she can fit about 5 sheets on at a time!  THIS IS GENIUS PEOPLE! 

 I did it immediately and when my daughter decided to wake up and throw a fit last night at 2 am until she made herself get sick... it came in real handy.  ;-)      

 Now if there was a works for me Wednesday to get your ten month old to sleep through the night, I'd be all set.   *sigh* 

Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday Felicities

* 16 GB Iphone 3G.... it's so fun! 
* Chicken stirfry with FRESH BELL PEPPERS
* Frozen Margaritas 
* My husband mopping the floor
* Slobbery baby kisses
* Family in town