Saturday, May 31, 2008

Denied. You suck BCBS!

I got my letter of denial today from Blue Cross Blue Shield Anthem (Ohio) for my Dexcom 7. I'll start my appeals process on Monday while the kids are napping. Don't worry, I will win this battle. I haven't used my Dexcom for a couple weeks now because I can't afford $240 for a box of 4 sensors. Grrrrrr......

Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday Felicities


Hey blog readers! Friday Felicities are things that make you happy. It was created by a wonderful woman named Natalie who was part of the online women's group I belong to called W@H. Natalie passed away almost a year ago from cancer and this is something many of the women do each Friday as a way to honor her memory. Feel free to join in the fun! You can get the graphic by visiting Becky's blog and also add to her Mr. Linky.

*Remembering each morning that Jesus loves me
*LOST season finale
*The timer on my coffee pot
*My new dog- Franklin
*Baby giggles
*Gabriel snuggles
*Knowing that the next two days are spent together as family!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

CVS Deals- Memorial Day

This was the coolest week yet. I got 2 $25 giftcards for transferring my Rx's from Walgreens. They were all out of the Tums Quick Pak's at my CVS, so my deal didn't work quite as planned, but it was still great.

Transaction #1
2 Kraft BBQ sauce @ .66 each
2 Revlon Nail Polish's at $3.99 each
2 Tide's at $5.99 each
Total: $22

1 $3/15 CVS coupon
2 $1 off Tide
2 $2 Revlon color products
$6 in ECB's
Balance used giftcard from transferred Rx's.

Recieved $10 in ECB's back

Transaction #2
2 packages of Playskool diapers @ $10.99 each

Total= $22

1 $3/$15
1 $2 Playskool diapers
Remainder used giftcard


Got another $5 ECB's with this transaction for a total of $15 in ECB's this week and $25 giftcard left! Plus I am STOCKED in diapers for a few weeks! Yaaaay!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Our New Dog!

We adopted a really out of the ordinary Jack Russell Terrier named Franklin! He's not crazy on crack like most Jack's. He is 3 years old and needed a new home because his old family was moving and couldn't keep him. He has papers, is microchipped, and does cool tricks! He doesn't give high five's in this video, but he can do that too. He's so cool!!!!!

10 Strange Things About ME!

I was tagged by Suzanne AND Naomi AND Kelly ---- some of my wonderful Diabetes Blog Buddies to share 10 strange things about myself.

Ok, here are the rules: After you are tagged, you write a blog about 10 strange, odd and unknown facts, habits or goals about yourself. After you are done, you pick 6 new people to tag and list their names, why you tagged them, and then leave a message for them saying that you have tagged them and they need to read your blog! You can't tag the person who tagged you, that would be cheating! But let that person know that you have posted your blog so that they can read all of your fun little tidbits!

1) I randomly hear steel drum music playing in my head. Maybe I'm trying to escape my sometimes mundane stay-at-home-life and begin to slip into Windy World which includes a Caribbean Island and lots of tequila? Or maybe it's just the fact that my BlackBerry ring is a little tropical song and it seems like someone's always calling me!

2) I am obsessed with my feet. Yes, okay this might not be a new fact to many of my closest friends. But I REALLY REALLY try hard to take care of my feet. I constantly have them soaking in my foot spa, or paint them, exfoliate them. I really like my feet and I don't want them cut off someday or looking icky like many diabetic's feet I've seen. Well, pictures anyways.... I don't exactly go around to random diabetics and say,"Hey, can I see your feet?" That's just weird.

3) I refuse to watch the movie Steel Magnolias simply because I know the diabetic dies in it.

4) I have perfect pitch. I can sing a note out of the air on request. I learned how to do this in college after taking a sight singing and ear training class and realized my speaking voice when I say, "hello?" when my phone rings is B just under middle C, then I can go up or down in half notes (or octaves if it's a note far away from that B) to find whatever note you want me to sing. I know... I had waaaay too much free time.

5) I am terrified of clowns. Like panic attack terrified. I'm not sure why. I've never seen IT. They just simply freak me out.

6) I always smack the side of my car door lightly before I close it because it seems like I always get some type of static shock when I'm shutting the car door. And I also do this when I'm opening the freezer doors in the grocery stores! I ALWAYS get shocked! What can I say? I'm electric. hee hee

7) When I'm at church I play the air piano on the back of the chair in front of me while we are standing and singing in worship. My fingers just automatically do this. It's weird and I can't stop it.

8) I can't cut a straight line. I have a hard time walking one too. And I really don't drink very often at all!! Honest!

9) Recently I have become really obsessed with couponing. To the point where I almost can't buy something unless I have a coupon or CVS Extra Care Bucks for it. By the way... I got a $50 giftcard from CVS yesterday for transferring my insulin and Synthroid to it. Now I can avoid Walgreens altogether! Whoo hoo! Have I mentioned I haven't paid for diapers in a month?

10) I am a binge scrapbooker. My stuff sits around for like a year and takes up space... and then I do a whole album in like 3 days by working on it every free second I get.

OK..... I tag

StephanieG- Because we are so alike and I want to read yours to see if you're weirder than me.

Bethany- Because you are REALLY REALLY quirky and I can't WAIT to read your answers.

Johnnie- Because you're the mother of the quirky girl mentioned above and the acorn doesn't fall far from the tree...right? ;-)

Charity- Because I know you'll take this theme and run with it and I'll get a great laugh!!

Dae- hopefully you haven't been tagged yet! You're such a fun sweet gal! I want to see your answers!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I Feel Like A Criminal...

I love saving money. I feel like I'm stealing when I walk out of CVS sometimes. I always go to the same little teenage boy who calls me the Crazy Coupon Lady. I love it!!

Today I got....

A Spongebob toothbrush for Gabe $2.99
Huggies Goodnights $8.99
Shick Intuition Razor $9.99
2 Glade sprays .97 each
Total $24

Now here comes the fun part:
- $3/$15 CVS coupon
-$4 Razor from Smart Source last Sunday
-$3 Goodnights coupon
- Buy one Get one free Glade coupon
- $1 off Glade spray coupon (making the Glade sprays free plus .03 overage)
- .50 off the colgate toothbrush
- $8 in ECB's

Making my grand total out of pocket $3.64 and $8 in ECB's for next time

I loooked EVERYWHERE for those darn Hawiaan Tropic Chap Sticks and COULD NOT FIND THEM at my CVS. =( That would have been another $4 out of pocket, but $10 in ECB's for return. Oh well.

WHOOOO HOOOOO!!! I know some of you CVS-ers walk out of the store paying pennies, but $3 is the best I've done so far, with this many goods. I haven't paid for diapers in 3 weeks. This is so very exciting.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

CVS Deals This Week

I absolutely whored out CVS this week. Excuse the expression but it's true. I almost feel like a criminal I am saving so much stinkin money.

OK, no pics. I'm tired and lazy. Sorry.

Transaction 1
2 Colgate 360 toothbrushes 3.99 each
2 Aquafresh toothpastes 2.99 each
Diapers 8.99

Total: $23

- $3/$15 CVS coupon
- 2 $1/Colgate toothbrushes
- 2 $1/Aquafresh
- $2 / Pampers
- $ 6 ECB
Total OOP = $8
Total ECB earned = $14

Transaction 2

Venus Razor $9.99
Whitmans Chocolates $3.99
1 toothbrush Colgate 360 $3.99
A BUNCH of photos - FREE with 1st time CVS photo email and ENLARGE coupon code
Total: $18

- $3/15 CVS coupon from Washington Post online
-$4/1 Venus razor
-$2/1 Whitmans chocolates
-$5 ECBs

Total OOP= $4
Total ECB's earned $9

Monday, May 5, 2008

Gabriel In The Toy Box

A few minutes ago I heard some frantic, "HELP MOMMY!" calls coming from Gabe's room. I was a little frustrated because he had already gotten up after I had put him down for a nap to go pee pee, go poo poo, get some water... ahhh, you know how it goes.

I walked in and found this.... (notice I'm trying NOT to laugh... but it was hard)

My father-in-law built this for Gabe and Zoe and it has the slow closing hinges on it because it's very heavy and he didn't want them to slam their fingers in it. This makes it a little tough to get out when Gabe decides to play inside of it. This video just makes me laugh. He's such a Mr. Mischief!!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Updates and FREE MONEY!

My first week with D went great! His Mom and I are starting to develop a nice friendship and Gabriel is starting to adjust to having another little one around. He asked this morning why D wasn't here and I told him he'd be back Monday.

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