Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Our New Dog!

We adopted a really out of the ordinary Jack Russell Terrier named Franklin! He's not crazy on crack like most Jack's. He is 3 years old and needed a new home because his old family was moving and couldn't keep him. He has papers, is microchipped, and does cool tricks! He doesn't give high five's in this video, but he can do that too. He's so cool!!!!!


Rhonda said...

I still want to pet the doggy.

Donna said...

What a cool dog! Congratulations!

~Suzanne~ said...

Oh, he looks just like my little Bella, but her legs are a little longer. We got her at a shelter 2 years ago this month and so we think she is mixed with something. Like yours, he is also not super crazy like I hear horror stories about!!

Jack Russell's are supposedly extremely smart, very stubborn, and amazingly loyal, and I have seen all three in my little Bells!

She doesn't do very many tricks, other than kisses and she likes to be held like a child, and LOVES to be sandwiched between me and my husband when we hug (hehe)!

Have fun with your new little man; he'll stick by your side through thick and thin!