Monday, June 22, 2009

Blood Stain Tip

Hey Diabetics and Windy fans. It's been almost a MONTH since I've blogged! We are in the middle of a hectic move and my mind is in a million places!! Anyways, after a quick blood test today I realized I stained my brand new tank top with a little blood from my finger and I was pretty ticked. I got home and googled blood stains and found a nice little tip on eHow if you ever find yourself in the same predicament. I think this only works if you have NOT already washed and dried the clothing. (Fresh stains)

Pour hydrogen peroxide on the stain. Then pour salt on top of that. Wait 30 minutes and then wash! And it's gone! I scratched off the salt before I put it in the washer and I could see that it had turned red and pulled out the stain. A-may-zah-zing!

I will try to give you a more in depth update soon! FYI: The upped Synthroid dosage seems to be helping with my energy levels. =) So hooray for that!