Monday, March 15, 2010

Updates Bo Bupdates

Today I made mini apple pies with my kids, then I delivered some to various neighbors, organized clothes, made meatloaf and spinach salad and since I am feeling so friggin domesticated today, I figured it was time I updated the good ole blog!

On the diabetes front things are going ok. I have a retinologist appointment that I'm really excited about on Thursday. I've been having some changes in my vision and I'm anxious to see what's going on. Our insurance has changed so I have to find a new endocrinologist which I've been putting off, since I've been going to my current endo for about 16 years.

Also, today I got an email from a friend who had a coworker who's Type 1 son (15 years old) was found dead on his couch this morning. This terrified me and broke my heart. I'm going to assume it was a hypo episode that caused it, but I have no idea. I'm thinking if it was high blood sugar he would have fallen into a coma first, and it wouldn't have been so sudden? My heart just breaks for this family, and it's so scary knowing that it has come so close to happening to me a few times. I am so looking forward to the integrated pump/CGM models that should be coming out soon. Also, the artificial pancreas that the JDRF is working on.... I daydream about this stuff. haha. I know. Geek. :)

On a lighter note, I totally love daylight savings time! It's 6:20 and the sun is shining! Time for dinner and a walk! :) Have a good one!