Thursday, January 28, 2010

Walking Pneumonia And Type 1 Diabetes

Hey party people. It's been a while. Apparently we moved twice in one year and I decided blogging wasn't a priority. My amazing husband is now back in youth ministry full time and life has been so much more fun living with a man who gets to live out his passion. :) We are settling in and establishing doctors, schools, hairdressers.......... and making new roots. I'm pretty excited!!! Our new church is pretty awesome and seriously knows what it means to help the community and not just sit in a pew. Exhibit 1- we bought a homeless man who has been attending church for a while now a home. His name is Victor and he's super cool and just needed someone to give him a second chance.

Now.... on the diabetes front.

I'm sick.

I've been sick for 3 weeks and have been trying to just DayQuil/NyQuil my way through it (which actually usually works for me with colds) and hope it went away. My kids have been sick, it's been freezing cold, then hot the next day, and really the Cobourne's are exhausted and grumpy and the junk hit the fan this week.

On Tuesday we took our daughter to the ENT to schedule some surgery for her ear tubes and her doctor told me I should see a doctor for my cough. So I caved and went. Apparently I have walking pneumonia and was sent for chest x rays and put an entire CVS pharmacy in my SUV.

I've never had to use a nebulizer in my life, but my little ones have. My PCP doctor is AWESOME and not your typical "I'm a family doctor and know nothing about Type 1 diabetes and how it is different from Type 2" Hallelujah. She let me know the Albuterol was a steroid and would probably raise my blood sugar. Holy Mother of Jelly Beans, she wasn't kidding. 341 after my first treatment..... also, I kinda felt like the Hulk..... like I turned into a crazy little anger ball of steroids who wanted to pull a Mia Hamm and rip my shirt off and go, "AHHHHHHHHHHRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!" then run out into my driveway and throw my SUV down the street. But I didn't...... but man, steroids suck. I'm trying to stay mindful of my mood and just stay relaxed..... but when your heart is racing like a Kentucky Derby champion, it's hard not to go nuts. Anyone else use this drug before for a breathing illness? Tips welcome!!

So this week I am trying to balance this stupid Alaskan Barking Seal* cough and my stupid broken pancreas disorder with chasing around two preschoolers.

My goal right now is to not die and to try and rest. Which if you have small demanding little people in your home, you know is difficult. I'm sooo overdue for an A1c, but because of this sickness my sugars have been NUTZO and I refuse to have a "sick" A1c and want to wait till a few weeks after the magical CVS drugs have worked and I get back to some degree of normalcy in my readings.

*Note: There is not really an Alaskan Barking Seal but it just sounded good, alright?