Friday, August 21, 2009

I'm Alive Folks!!!

Hey everyone! I know it's been forever! Blogging just has not been at the top of my priority list these past couple months, unfortunately! The first week of July we moved about 50 miles west of our old home! This was super stressful, but also a HUGE answer to prayer. We are now living VERY close to my side of the family and our church friends. My heart FINALLY feels settled! So I've spent the last two months doing things like securing a job (or 3... more about that later!), deciding where to send my precious kids to pre school, finding new doctors and dentists, unpacking, getting utilities hooked up and transferred, hanging out with new found friends from church, directing a week of Lake Aurora Church Camp.... and several other things I won't bore you with. WHEW!!!
So my favorite part so far? When I walk out my front door I walk about 25-50 feet down my sidewalk and get to see this in the morning.......

I KNOW!!! RIGHT?? Let me tell you, I just bawled my little eyes out the first night we went on a walk and I was able to just enjoy the waves and water at night. Now it's become an almost nightly routine to walk down this path at night!

With all this craziness going on, I have neglected my diabetes quite a bit. I looked at my 30 day average on my Freestyle Lite last night and was a little taken back at the number that scarily stared me in the face. 207. YIKES! Yesterday, yet another wake up call.... I was going to take my son Gabe and my niece and nephew to a movie, but my sugar spiked close to 400 right before we were about to leave and I ended up staying with Zoe to nap, while my sister took them. There is absolutely NOTHING that bugs me more about diabetes than when it gets in the way of making memories with the ones I love. I was really really bummed out. And it was my own fault. I had taken my pump off to swim with the kids for a couple hours and I didn't test properly during this time, thus leading to the high. I immediately just wanted to talk to someone who understood this feeling and it dawned on me how much I missed the dear people of the Diabetes online community. It truly makes a world of difference when you have friends who understand living with a chronic illness on the same level. :)

This morning the first thing I did was test. 104. The magic number!! It must be a good sign. I've got to put diabetes back on the priority map and take care of myself and my numbers before I answer the beckoning calls of everyone else needing sippee cups, Kibbles and Bits, or a clean work shirt. Cause we all know.... "If Mama aint happy, aint nobody happy." :)

More later....