Thursday, May 27, 2010

Summertime... and the numbers are eaaasy.....

Hello Six Until Me readers! Welcome to my little blog that is never updated regularly. ;-)

Yippee! Pre school is over! No more planning my days around not doing anything from 9am-noon!!

Little Gabe graduated from Pre K and we are so excited to have the whole summer to do tons of fun things before the hardcore schooling world of Kindergarten begins in the Fall! ( I can't even believe he's in Kindergarten!!!)

We are finally all settled here in our new hometown and I've established a new endocrinologist, dentist, general doctor and retina specialist thanks to Justin's new insurance plan! (Can you believe ALLLLL of my doctors were out of network with this new plan? STINK!)

Since I am a "new patient" with this endocrinologist, I had to wait AN ETERNITY to get an appointment with her. I made the appointment in March and could not get in until JULY 1st!!! Well, kiss a pig! I would have looked elsewhere, but my previous endocrinologist (of 15 years) who I really loved HIGHLY recommended HER. Also, I'm kinda excited that SHE is a HER. (Well, that was a fun sentence! )

So needless to say, I am extremely overdue for an A1c, blood work, etc. But thankfully my numbers have been really good, and with trying to keep coverage for pump and Dexcom supplies I've been keeping excellent logs. (Yeah, well yes, some of the numbers are fake, but you all know you do it too so shhhhh! ) I've been feeling great! And am excited to start my running program called "Couch 2 5k" next week with my sister!

Hope everyone out there is doing well! Please leave a comment so we can keep up with one another!