Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday Felicities


Hey blog readers! Friday Felicities are things that make you happy. It was created by a wonderful woman named Natalie who was part of the online women's group I belong to called W@H. Natalie passed away almost a year ago from cancer and this is something many of the women do each Friday as a way to honor her memory. Feel free to join in the fun! You can get the graphic by visiting Becky's blog and also add to her Mr. Linky.

*Remembering each morning that Jesus loves me
*LOST season finale
*The timer on my coffee pot
*My new dog- Franklin
*Baby giggles
*Gabriel snuggles
*Knowing that the next two days are spent together as family!


Charity said...

Hi Windy, Happy Friday!! I love reading your "Felicities." Have a great weekend! :)

CJ said...

The Lost finale has been driving me crazy, I keep analyzing it and wanting MORE! I cannot wait until next season...