Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Diabetes Bond

There are lots of things in life that bond folks together; faith, parenthood, jobs, family, friendship, circumstances. Lots of us know that dealing with a chronic illness can do the same! Yesterday was a prime example.

I teach piano at a great local performing arts school and my boss informed me yesterday that I had a new student who was a 10 year old Type 1 diabetic.

"REALLY?!?" I was so excited. This made me excited because I love any chance I get to use this piece of crap disease for greater human good.

When her time slot rolled around I was so stoked to meet her!

Me: Hi! I'm Ms. Windy your new teacher.

K: Hi. *nervous smile and handshake*

Me: So I hear you have Type 1 diabetes.

K: Um, yeah. *looks insecure and kind of intimidated*

Me: Well, I have it too. Do you have a pump? *I pull back my cardigan and show off the pump on my hip*

This is the greatest part. This is where her face switches from scared and nervous to *OH MY GOSH! SHE IS JUST LIKE ME!!*

She immediately stood taller, got excited, and became a chatterbox. She whipped out her insulin pump (which was in an adorable pink carrying case) and showed me.

K: "I'm getting a new one soon with the blood sugar checker in it" *She meant CGM, too cute*

Me: That's great! I have one too. *Miss Bionic Woman pulls the Dexcom out of her briefcase* It's really changed my life, it's great to be able to just look down and know where my levels are at.

K: I'm really excited about it.

Me: That's great!! Now let's get started here with these piano books.

I love the diabetes bond. =) It's one great thing about this monster.


k2 said...

Pretty awesome experience!
She's going to remember you for the rest of her life!

Bethany said...

Yay! I bet you are already one of her favorite people!

Anonymous said...

You know, as relaxed as you probably made her likely warmed to the parents once she shared with them how you reached out to their child. You're pretty neat.

MichelleD said...

This makes me cry happy tears. It amazes me how God redeems even the bad things in our life. :)

Donna said...

I think you made her day!

Anonymous said...

you are so frigging awesome! and i bet with your personality you won her over with just your smile too!


Ashley said...

this is awesome! she'll always remember you and think you're the coolest.

my spanish teacher was a t1, and now we still get together twice a year for choir concerts. i still think he's the coolest.

Maria said...

i was able to reach out to a mom at my old school in similar fashion - my best friend is a type 1 - diagnosed 25 years ago - her son was just diagnosed at the time and as she was navigating the waters of having a child at school I was able to help her and give her ideas for what worked with my best friend at school ----- she was ever so greatful.

Bernard said...

Excellent. I'll bet that just made her week. That is so cool.

I wonder if you were the first adult she met with type 1.