Saturday, September 13, 2008

Windy's Birthday Vlog!

Hey folks! It's been a GREAT laid back 27th birthday so far and we had a fun morning at the ADA Diabetes EXPO this morning. Props to my gal, Laura for coming along with me, even though she doesn't have diabetes... that's a true blue friend man!

Enjoy the vlog below that talks about the BEST OF the freebies. And the picture below is my favorite free-bie... the full of sugar frozen yogurt compliments of Eli Lily, our insulin making friends. CRACKED ME UP. "Here diabetics, have some ice cream... now buy our insulin or DIE!!!" HAHAHA.

Have a nice weekend!!

P.S. Listen for the faint Goonies reference by my beckoning husband at the very end. "Bay-be Roooth?"


Bernard said...

That's easy, you can use a tablet holder to whack one of the members of the diabetic police when they annoy you too much. :-)

Happy birthday Windy.

Bob Hawkinson said...

Hi Windy...Happy B-day. I love the free sugar to D's needing insulin thing....I love companies with a sense of humor......

Anonymous said...

HOLD ON I"M VLOGGING! i'll take care of you in a minute!

oh windy, you crack me up!

George said...

That was awesome.

Bottles are so "five minutes ago!" If you want to be uber cool you sport your glucose tabs in a plastic key chain attached to your belt loop. Just make sure it doesn't get caught on your fanny pack!


Anonymous said...

A glucose tablet holder will change my life because I won't die if I have one. :)

How's that for a reason?!

Jillian said...

Happy belated birthday from a fellow virgo! Your vlogs always leave me laughing.

Charity said...

Okay, is this really a daibetes conference or tryouts for the next Venus shaver commercial?? Look at those gorgeous legs, I am so jealous! Anyway, thanks for the comment on my blog (it ALWAYS makes me so happy to see you wrote something) and I'm glad you had a good b-day btw. To answer your question, I am about 30ish minutes from Peachtree City. Why, are you going to be there?!?!?

Scott K. Johnson said...

I'm so late to comment on this. My work IT haters block youtube (and any other possibly cool website), so I have to mark all the cool stuff and catch up on it later.

Happy belated birthday!

I cracked up at you and the hubby. I love Goonies. And I'm so with landileigh at cracking up at your "HOLD ON I'M VLOGGING" thing. Sounds like my house - there is never a moment of silence. Gotta love kids eh? And yes, I'm talking about Justin too. :-)