Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Preview

Gabriel's "Fall Party" is tomorrow (that's conservative Christian school code for HALLOWEEN PARTY!) and the kids are supposed to dress up like their favorite story book character. Gabe's favorite story is "Harry The Dirty Dog" which is a book about a little white dog with black spots who runs away from home because he does not want to take a bath. On his adventures, he gets very dirty and turns into a black dog with white spots. When he gets back home, his family doesn't recognize him until he runs upstairs and hops into the tub with his scrub brush in his mouth. After his bath, his family realizes the little dog IS HARRY! How cute.... we will be reading the story at circle time. Here's a photo of my first attempt at costume making. Hopefully he looks enough like a dog and not like a cow.

I also got signed up to bring "Fall Cookies". I wasn't quite sure what the difference between a Fall cookie and a Summer cookie was so I got some help from Family Fun magazine and made these cute little guys out of Oreos, candy corn, Whoppers, and a little white icing. (They are VERY diabetic friendly *insert sarcasm here*)

Meanwhile, Zoe was very busy giving us a helping hand getting the costumes and snacks ready....

Tonight we will be carving our pumpkin together!!

Hope all of you out there have a safe and fun Halloween tomorrow!!


Anonymous said...

those cookies are just too adorable to eat! you get "fall" cookies!!

gabe looks like a dog not a cow.


Scott K. Johnson said...

I am SO JEALOUS of how little kiddos can just go to sleep anytime, anywhere. Amazing.

Charity said...

I love this!! You did a great job with the costume I love it,and the cookies are adorable. We LOVE Family Fun magazine, we made the tie dye pumpkin shirts on the October issue on our fam. vaca last week. I love Zoe's sleeping beautiness, too funny!!!

Anonymous said...

Those are great cookies! I think my mom has seen something similar in her 1st grade class - at a Christian school where they also have 'Fall' parties. :)

And I guess it is a good thing Zoe was strapped in!

El said...

Yeah, he watched all six! He is a prize. =) The cookies are adorable, btw, and so is Gabe!

Jane said...

Windy your kids are just adorable!