Monday, October 27, 2008

P90x Update Vlog

Hi everyone! I figured it was time for another vlog!!

To clarify.... My kids were napping AND the windows were open. =)

Also, I realized when I turned the computer screen, Franklin was no where in sight. HAHA.

You can learn more about our decision to P90x HERE


Anonymous said...

That's what my weather looked like today too - it was so hard to work. And when the power went out - man - I just wanted to go home.

Regarding the basal testing, actually, you probably won't want to do 24 hours because to do true basal testing you need to fast. When you get past about 8 hours you probably are getting some 'liver dumps' (because your body thinks it is starviing) which would affect your results.

P.S. I pumped for 3+ years without basal testing because no one told me to. Then I got a copy of Pumping Insulin and life made a lot more sense :)

Pattie said...

M1 and I enjoyed watching this! Esp. "I can't find my off button!" M1 said "I don't think I HAVE an off button." I agree.