Thursday, October 2, 2008

P90X... And So It Begins!

Diabetes + Healthy Eating = Good
Diabetes + Healthy Eating + Exercise = Better Than Just Good

Windy + Exercise = Virtually Non Existent (Until Now!!!)

Justin and I decided a few weeks ago that it was time to get back into shape. Both of us are at a normal BMI, but since Zoe came along we've definitely turned into bigger homebodies since it is more difficult to cart around two small children than it is just one. Along with our homebody-ness we've found ourselves watching a LOT of TV and movies at night. Along with our TV and movie watching has come SNACKING. "Get in my BELL-LAY! It's a vicious cycle." The road we were heading down was trouble.

So, Hunkalicious Justin (That was for you Landileigh) decided to whip out something called P90X on me. Basically it is a 90 day workout program. 12 different workouts. Boot camp style. 5 days a week you work out for about an hour and twenty minutes. One day you do Yoga, something lower key, and one day you stretch or rest. There's nothing gimmicky about it, it's just HARD STINKING SWEATY HORRIBLE WORK!! I am learning new words like Plyometrics, Kenpo, Synergistics... FUN STUFF. The great thing about this workout, is I can use my little 5-8 lb weights, while Justin uses his big strong man weights and we can both do it together. For me, accountability is VITAL to succeeding in exercising and weight loss. If I don't have a buddy going, "Come on, it's time. Get off your lazy rear!" then I find myself saying, "Forget it. I'm taking a nap."

The video I particularly LOATHE is the AbRipperX. Ironically, this is the video you do the most (3x a week- 16 minutes of hellish ab work) I found this video on You Tube very hilarious. DISCLAIMER: Lots of naughty language! Surprisingly, I made it through the whole workout the first time, but I didn't do HALF the reps they do on the video. I will by the end of 90 days though. Ab work makes me cantankerous. (That was for you Alisa)

I took "Before Pictures", that no, I will not share on this wondrous thing called the Internet. But the reason Justin convinced me to do this workout had a lot to do with people on You Tube who posted their results via Vlogs. They weren't paid spokespeople, but just folks like you and me wanting to get in shape. Hopefully in 83 more days, I'll be able to give you some good news about this program and post my own inspiring video! (Don't hold your breath though! We'll see!!)

So far, one week into this, I am SOOOORRRRREEEE. The guy on the video says, "The soreness is the weakness leaving your body." I kinda like that picture. Hasta la vista Weak Windy!


Musical Mommy said...

You can DOOOOO it!!!

*a la Happy Madison*

I figure if you can quote Austin Powers than I can quote Adam Sandler :)

bamabeck said...

This reminds me of another crazy boot camp style workout, you tricked.. Oh, I mean.. encouraged me to do with you. Just remember to START OUT with the beginner video, instead of the advanced one this time. Or you'll get no sympathy from me!!!

Barry said...

Rock on, lady! I just started my P90X training this week (though I've had the videos since August!), and boy,oh,boy....BTW I've been type 1 since age 5, so I can relate. How are you handling thier diet regimen? I can't figure out how to line up thier food exchange with the ADF food exchange, so I just count up the carbs, based on thier 1600 cal. plan. Good Luck, and have fun with the Plyometrics video. OUCH.