Friday, October 24, 2008

The Only Political Blog You'll Ever See Me Write...

Why? Because I'm naturally a pretty non-confrontational person and I see how angry and mean political opinions can make people.

With that said... I am unapologetically a Christian who supports pro-life legislature and organizations who help give the unborn a voice. This hits close to home for me because I am married to a wonderful man who was born to a scared 16 year old woman over 28 years ago. She could have easily made the decision to kill him since she was young, and scared, and needed to finish school.... etc. Thankfully, she made the right decision, but many women don't have the same support she had and are misled to believe that ending their baby's life would be better than the alternatives.

I have flipped and flopped my vote over these past two months and prayerfully considered each candidate. There were times when I wanted to support Obama, and times when I wanted to support McCain.

Thirdly, over the past couple days I have realized that I had the facts and needed to make a decision that was right for my beliefs on who will provide the best leadership for the future of our country. This has been a tough decision for me because I'm not crazy about either candidate.

After researching this website I have decided to give McCain my vote because of my stance on abortion issues. I realize many of you may feel that the economy, foreign policy, and national security may take precedent over something as "silly" as abortion, but in my book, I have realized NOTHING is more important than the sanctity of human life.

Please take a few moments to look at the FACTS from this website below on Obama's voting record for late term abortion in the state of IL. (That matched a federal bill)

I respect that we all have differing opinions on issues as controversial as this, but I am passionate about speaking up for those who have no voice and felt compelled to share.

God bless!


Nathaniel said...

"I am passionate about speaking up for those who have no voice and felt compelled to share."

Good for you.

How are you guys doing?

Sara said...

I agree.

I chose my political party by deciding which issues were most important to me, and then which party matched the most issues for me. There is not going to be a perfect party.

Yes I think 'we' should help the poor and needy (the modern day orphans and widows), but it is not the government's job to take my taxes and decide how to do it. It is the CHURCH'S job. The fact that they are sucking at it is a whole different story, but that is where I am focusing my efforts.

Under the Florida Sun said...

You go girl! This was written so well and never apologize for voting on God's moral standards!
I have been so saddened to see people voting from their checkbooks and not from their CHRIST saved hearts.

Oops. Sorry for the soapbox moment!