Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Publix Diaper Deal

OK, this worked out to be a pretty decent diaper deal that I just did at Publix. If you have these coupons, you might want to try it too!

1 Huggies Natural supreme diapers $16.99
1 Huggies Wipes 242 count (3 packs) $8.99
= $26 before coupons

- $5 when you buy both in circular at front of store
- $5 Huggies off from Publix Baby Club
- $1.50 Huggies wipes Publix Baby Club
- $1.50 Huggies manufacturer coupon (mailer)
- $1 Huggies wipes manufacturer coupon (mailer)
= $12 out of pocket Not Bad!


Bethany said...

good job! You did better on that deal than I did -- I don't have the $5 baby club coupon. Somehow, I managed to get the Pampers sensitive wipes instead of Huggies -- on accident.

C and G said...

Way to use those coupons!!
Garrett really liked the Southwest Lasagna rolls, there were no leftovers. We are going to be at the church in Zephyrhills for the next couple of months, are you guys close enough that we could get together for lunch one Sunday.