Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday Felicities

* Zoe turns ONE this weekend! 
* Fun picnic party tomorrow morning
* The latte in my hands
* My beautiful sister in law is due to have a baby girl any day now (hopefully not before Sat morning though!) 
* Gabe going to pre school next week!
* Starting my new job next week
* Beginning a Beth Moore Bible study soon
* My W@H friends


Charity said...

Windy, I have so missed your enthusiastic great attitude. I loved reading your Friday Felicities, you are just good for my soul, girlfriend!! And how on God's green earth is Zoe going to turn 1?!?!?!? Weren't you just pregnant with her? Where have I been? I hope you post pics of her with cake on her face, I love 1st birthday pictures. Have a great weekend!!

Bethany said...

so . . . I'm starting a Beth Moore study soon, too. Proverbs. Which one are you doing?

Bob Hawkinson said...

Hey Windy, cute video and great story....I've run across a few folks that I have gotten to when low and others that were high and not yet diagnosed....I think probably 3 or 4 that I can remember..

Jane said...

I have fallen behind on my Friday Felicities....because I haven't been on the computer much lately!
I'm logging off now because the kids are waking up. Maybe I'll get one posted later today.
Hey! I love Beth Moore Bible Studies! Which one are you doing?