Saturday, August 9, 2008


I am going to be interviewed by ABC Action News Consumer Reporter, Jackie Callaway, on Monday morning.  She is going to speak with me about CVS shopping and then shadow me as I shop at CVS.  These are the transactions that I am planning for next week, as I REALLY need diapers.  I am going to LOOSE ECB's doing this, but will spend minimal out of pocket.  Can you PROS let me know if you see something better?  I have all the Lamisil coupons for that deal, but I kinda want to keep it simple for the cameras, so it's easy to explain.  (I'm also afraid that if the store is out of something, I will be stuck and have to come up with a new deal on the spot! Know what I mean?)    I am very confident that they will not run out of Huggies. ;-)  

I've already reached the limit on the Infant's Advil deal too. 


2 Huggies  $18

- $2 /$10  CVS coupon

 - $ 3 Huggies  ( 2 / 1.50 off )

= $13

-11.58  ECB's

 =  1.42 OOP


1 Huggies  $8.99

2 buddies  1.98

= $10.97

-       -$2 CVS

-       -$2 Buddies

-     -  $1.50 Huggies

= $5.50  OOP

Earn $5  ECB

For a total of $6.42 out of pocket for 3 packages of Huggies and 2 soaps.   I know this is insanely cheap, but I also read the blogs of those of you who only spend pennies!  Fire away with comments please!  =)   Thanks! 


Bethany said...

I've been doing a lot of reading about CVS on various websites and here is a chance for someone to answer my question.

If you do transaction #2 first, can you use the ECBs that print out on your receipt to pay the OOP for transaction #1?

Windy said...

Yes, you could. BUT the reason I am doing the other one first is because I want to use the $11.98 in ECB's so I spend as little as possible out of pocket.

If your ECB's are MORE than your total (For example is your total is $4.05 and you have a $5 ECB print out) than you can not use them (unless you ask the cashier to adjust them down to your total)

Crystal said...

Thanks for this! I'm wanting to get diapers this week as well, and am glad I saw someone lay it out. Also, IHEARTCVS has some Qs for 4/20, 3/15, so that could sweeten your deals. I'm gonna do the diaper thing and sweeten it. you can check out my blog soon for what I end up doing. Good luck in front of the cameras!! I would do a transaction before you go with them getting something else to get some ECBs so you don't even have to pay the $5 OOP, that will really impress them if both transactions are just spare change!!

Crystal said...

Forgot to put my blog:

Good luck to you!!

Carrie said...

How neat that you are going to be shopping CVS on TV! Is this your local news? Does the station have a Web site where they show the segments? I'd love to watch it.

brittlynn44 said...

here's what I did today, you might have to add in some "filler" because the wrigleys and playskool coupons only worked 8/10, but if you don't want to lose ECBS this is a good way to go. You end up positive with less than $2oop. But if you really need diapers try tweaking these. :) Hope it helps and good luck!

Hubby's card
1 sweettarts .50
1 alavert 12ct. 5.99
2 CVS melon hand soap 1.69 and .84
1 skin effects exfoliating cleanser 6.99

-2/10 from Richmond mag.-2 CVS Skincare -2 CVS Skin effects - 4 alavert printable, -5.79 ECBS =.49tax

My card Trans 1
2 8pk.wrigley's gum
1 sweettart .50
3 sprees 1.50
1 alavert 5.99
1 CVS skin effects exfoliating 6.99
2 lamasil foot sprays 15.18
-5/30(from e-mail) -2/2 wrigleys - 2 CVS skineffects - 4 alavert - 2 4/1 lamasil -11.16(ECBS were adjusting weird) = .70tax

Trans 2
1 CVS cotton swab 375t. 1.50
2 buddies detangler 2.99
2 TS tylenol .99
-2/10 - 2 1/1 any tylenol printable - .50 cotton swabs (COUPON FOUND IN BAG OF COTTON BALLS WHICH ARE FREE WITH A CVS SKIN COUPON!) -2/2 any johnsons printable = .27 tax

Trans 3
2 sweettarts 1.00
1 Huggies wipes 64 ct 2.50
1 playskool wipes 80 ct. 2.50
2 CVS liquid handsoap 1.69 and .84
2 buddies bars 1.98
-2/10 -.75 huggies wipes(mailer) - 2 playskool wipes -2 CVS skincare -2/2 any johnsons printable=.29 tax

trans 4
1 cvs cotton swab 1.50
2 sweettart 1.00
1 jumbo huggies 8.99
1 Johnsons shampoo 2.99
-2/10- .50 cotton swabs - 1.50 huggies(mailer) -1 johsons shampoo printable- 9.48ECBS(agiain they were being weird)= .62 tax

Frugal Felicia said...

I would throw in a pack of playskool wipes. You can use the $2 off skin care coupon and your total will be over $20 so you can use (2) 2/10.

I just realized your interview was this morning. Anyway, hope it went well=)

C and G said...

I was just wondering how the interview went. That is so exciting!

Anonymous said...

Do you know when the story would air???

Tampa Bay area mom here, who is also a CVS shopper and frequent reader of blogs like moneysaving mom, etc.

P.S. Good luck with Tropical Storm (ugh, maybe Hurricane) Fay!!!! I'm doing my preparedness today!