Thursday, August 28, 2008

News! News!

I got a call this morning that I've been praying for a while to come!  The pre school that Gabriel has been on a waiting list for finally called!!  YAAAY!  Has anyone else ever felt like THEY were being interviewed by the prestigious pre school, instead of you interviewing THEM?  i.e.  

Director: "Ms. Cobourne do you bake brownies?" 

Me: "Umm, uh huh."

Director: "From a box or from scratch?"

Me: "Well, er..."

Director: "Do you have the ability to grow the cocoa beans organically and grind them fresh?"

Me:  "Ahhhhhh!!!!" 

OK, so I'm kidding, but I did find myself calling occasionally and informing them of my music education degree and how much I'd LOVE to come in and help show the pre schoolers the magical world of quarter notes and brightly colored rhythm sticks. (If you'd just make some space for my adorable child!!!)  HA! It must have worked!  

Keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we all adjust to our new schedules next week with new school and new jobs!  OH.. That's right... I didn't share about my new job yet! 

I am going to be teaching piano at a dance school that is expanding into a music school one day per week to start, and two days later this Fall.  I am a little nervous about leaving my Zoe, but I know she'll be a champ with her great babysitters....

Well... my son is putting fake tattoos on his adorable little baby sister so I must run for now! 

Love ya mean it! 


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I am so excited for him! And you, too, of course.