Monday, August 18, 2008


OK, so apparently we may be getting hit with a Cat. 1 or 2 Hurricane on Tuesday morning, so I thought I'd better go get a little more water and some batteries for our hurricane lamp and flashlights.  Zoe has a cold and runny nose, so I took advantage of the cheap Puffs tissues as well! 
I totally burned my ECB's and have none now... but oh well... whatcha gonna do?  

Transaction 1
2   4 pks. D batteries  Duracell     $10.58 

- $2 / $10 CVS coupon
- 2 .75 off Duracell from 8/3 Proctor and G insert
- $5 ECBs
= $2 out of pocket

Transaction 2
24 pack CVS water   $3.99
1 Colgate Total (and it had a free 360 toothbrush attached to it!         $3
2 Puffs        $.176  (.88 each)
2 Glades    $1.76   (.88 each)  

= 10.52
- $2 / $10 CVS ICP
- $1 Colgate CRT
- $1.50 Colgate manu coupon from recent insert
- BOGO Free Glade
- 2 .25 off Puffs
- $1 water CRT

= 3.64 Out of pocket

Not bad.... I'm prepared for a hurricane for less than $6 out of pocket!  Yippee!  
Now if only I could hire a lawn boy at CVS... I need to cut my grass before it starts raining!

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Jim Purdy said...

Maybe I'm a typical clueless guy, but I didn't realize those kinds of savings were possible at CVS. Wow! A good lady friend of mine shops at CVS a lot. I guess I need to talk with her.

Good luck with the weather.