Sunday, December 7, 2008

Gabe and Disney

I think I've told the whole world this by now, but just incase you haven't heard...

Gabriel is going to have his adenoids removed on Tuesday morning. This is a really routine procedure that millions of people get done every year, and the recovery is suppose to be really fast. But it's still surgery and it's my baby, so I get to be just a little nervous. We are really hoping that this procedure will help his chronic sinus and ear infections and also help quiet his SNORING!! This kid sounds like Darth Vader at night!  Please pray for him on Tuesday if you think of it!  

We had a great time at Disney this weekend! Gabe's favorite parts were eating the free cookies and hot cocoa all night, meeting his hero, Woody, from Toy Story, and getting a cool gun from the Pirates of the Carribean ride. Here are some photos for your viewing pleasure. =)


Scott K. Johnson said...

Awesome pics! We'll keep your little guy in our thoughts and prayers for a routine procedure and a speedy recovery.

Cathy N said...

Praying for an easy surgery and a quick recovery. Praying for your mommy heart, too.