Monday, March 16, 2015

Whole30 Day 1

Yesterday I began the Whole30 eating plan.So far so good.  I've already learned and researched a lot and feel like this will be a great way of eating (I REFUSE to use the word DIET) for my life with Type 1 diabetes.  I'm using this blog to record my tips, findings, and food journal to help myself and others on this journey.   I'm not going to link up recipes because I don't have time for that, but I can assure you EVERYTHING is on my board "Whole30" on my Pinterest account.

Day 1: (Food) 

Breakfast:   Eggs scrambled in a bit of coconut oil with lots of veggies.  Aidell's chicken sausage is compliant and delicious.  Baby spinach, peppers, mushrooms, onions, zuchinni all taste great mixed in and bulk it up!

Lunch-  Tuna mixed with tons of veggies and lemon and lime juice squeezed in.  Right before eating I chopped a little Granny Smith apple into it.   Served over a couple Romaine leafs.  Delish.

Dinner-  Zuccini Chicken Poppers

Snacks- Clementines, Apples and celery with almond butter (Fresh Market, almonds only ingredient. so good!), La Croix sparkling berry water filled my afternoon diet coke craving (Yay!) and I purchased Plaintain Chips at Trader Joes under the recommendation of a friend for bedtime munch.  Gotta be disciplined on these because they are compliant (Sunflower oil and plaintains) but full of fat and calories and not that great for you... however... better than Lays!  :)    Also made a big jug of citrus water... Added sliced cucumbers, limes, and lemons to a jug of water.  Easy peasy and so tasty.  

The coconut oil spray from Fresh Market was a great buy.... I'm amazed at how omiting butters and oils is really not changing how tasty things are.

Now... for the one shameful admission.  I'm not giving up coffee creamer.  I'm just not doing it.  Judge me.  Shame me.  I know I'm not a true hardcore Whole30-er... but I am limiting myself to just my morning coffee with 2 tsp. of cream.   No added sugar.  Just get over it cause I have.  :)

Day 1:  (Diabetes)

 There is one immediate result I have seen.  Steady blood sugars.  Haven't had one over 130.  Not even kidding.  Pretty sure I will never add grains back into my diet again.  Dairy... probably in moderation... but I have a feeling grains will be gone for good.  Decreased basil rate by almost 2 units per day.  Decreased bolusing to almost none (only to cover fruits, but found I got low when I chose to do that due to the massive decrease in grains probably)

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Emily said...

After you start getting used to the way of eating m and you want a little challenge, you could try trader joes coconut cream, in the can. I'm a hardcore cream in the coffee kinda girl, but this stuff suffices. I also do the bulletproof style! using a tablespoon or coconut oil and a tablespoon of ghee then blended with a frother. It tastes smooth and creamy:)and it really makes the caffeine stretch throughout the day instead of just for a couple hours.