Thursday, March 26, 2015

Whole30 Day 11

Breakfast-  Coffee and fruit bowl

Lunch-  LeeRoy Selmons with my hubby.  Blackened salmon and steamed brocolli, water, La Croix

Dinner-  Leftover chicken and veggies stirfry and some walnuts later on.

Snacks- Fruit smoothie (Banana, Spinach, Coconut milk, ice, strawberries, manogos) before bed.  Woke up at 80 which was nice.

Dealing with anxiety again.  Set doctors appt.  Hopefully she'll help me sort this all out.  Feel really good.physically... but mentally and emotionally I'm struggling and working through the whys of that.

This way of eating is hard.  But it is also better than what I was doing.  My family is semi eating along with me and I know they've had more GOOD foods put in their bodies than in the past.  I'm happy for that.    

Super duper excited for Spring Break and Easter.  I love Easter.

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