Sunday, March 29, 2015

Whole30 Day 14

If you guys could only see me right now...  I'm completely alone in my QUIET house on my reclining couch with a frosty La Croix infused with limes and mangos and my Southern at Heart Food Network show on the Dvr. Do you know Demaris Phillips?   I can't get enough of her shows and I pretend like we're friends in real life while I'm watching.  She teaches while she cooks her southern, Kentucky bourbon goodies.   Ironically, she is making some ridiculous looking brownies that are the fartherst thing from Whole30 compliant I've ever seen.

So Let's talk about Day 14.

Breakfast-  Fresh eggs with veggies and fruit and coffee.  HELLO SPRING BREAK and Jack Johnson songs and wakin up slooooooow!  Chocolate chip pancakes for my kiddies because I'm an awesome mom.

Lunch-  Tuna salad Romaine wraps.   Tuna is quickly becoming a staple in this way of eating.  It's good.  It's fresh and yummy with crispy veggies added... and lemons and limes squeezed all over it with copious amounts of sea salt and black pepper make it amazing.   Also had a hard boiled egg.  It was extra special because Zoe dyed it Miami colors and it said, "I love the Lord a lote" on it.   I love Him a lote too, Zoe.   You are so precious.

Dinner-  Mojito Lime Baked Chicken Tenders, Salad, Eggs, Mangos,

Snack:  Sweet potato chips.  Nom Nom Nom.   Go make some.  The thinner the better.

I've stopped testing so often because I know that it's always good.  Is that CRAZY?  But it's true.  It's never high.  Diabetics everywhere... quit eating grains (corn, wheat, rice, anything)  just cut it out of your diet and you'll be golden forever.  Easier said than done... but as a person who has had an unemployed pancreas for 26+ years now... I know what I'm talking about.  It's hard and you have to do hard things and man up... sometimes I want to hit people with bread in their hands.... but I've determined it's worth it to feel this good.

I miss cheese.  A lot.   Moving on...

I got on the scale, which as spoken about in earlier posts is breaking a rule, (Rebels Unite!!!) and I was 119.  That's 9 lbs. of shred from 14 days ago which is ridiculous.  I'm definitely not doing this to lose weight, but it's a hella bonus, team.

I am so excited to get blood work done next month at my PCP appointment.  I'm going to have her draw an A1c, just to see how much it's dropped already.  I'm betting a full point.   Dr. Denker (the coolest endocrine doc in the world) are you reading this???  Throw out a virtual high five!  Shalom, brother!

All for now... tomorrow is half way which is an exponetially motivating fact..... (but it's really today, and I'm writing of yesterday, so I'm half way.  Are you confused?  It's like the Time Traveler's Wife.  Is it then or now?  I'm so confused.  Is this real life?  Windy, are you drinking?  No... because alcohol is not Whole30 compliant.    Cheers for now!

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