Monday, March 23, 2015

Whole30- Day 8


Breakfast-  Coffee and Fruit   Off to church with a huge water in hand

Lunch-  Shrimp Salad with Romaine TONS OF STRAWBERRIES while picking in the fields!  So fun!   

Snack- Leftover chicken sautee mixture from Sat.   Yummy!  

Dinner-  Chili's-  Steak, Salmon and steamed broccoli       We had such a sweet time with friends at a baby dedication Justin led for their little girl.   I will confess... I bout lost my mind when chips and queso were put in front of me.  But I waited patiently and it was worth the wait!  The dinner was SO good and I love that after I finish a meal with minimal carbs I don't feel like a beached whale that needs to collapse and die.   I'm not sure if normal people feel that way after lots of carbs... but that's how me... the girl with the bum pancreas feels.   :)    

Snacks:  I had a sliced banana with almond butter before bed.   

I've noticed that the discipline of eliminating dairy and grains has transferred into other areas of my life.  For instance, in the case of eating out with friends... it made me exercise self control and patience.   I'm a pretty impulsive girl who wants what she wants when she wants it by nature... this has been a good way to slow down and think through decisions in more areas than just eating.  I'm grateful.   

Thank you God for strength and better blood sugars.  I'd like to keep this going so my next A1c  ( a blood test that shows my 3 month blood sugar average  is a DRASTIC crazy low number that blows my mind.  That number will be very motivating.  I've not had an A1c that I was completely satisfied with since I gave birth to my daughter... over 7 years ago.    


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