Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Whole30- Day 4


Breakfast-    Coffee and the Egg Veggie Casserole   It's not getting old yet.  It's so dang yummy.

Lunch-  I devoured leftovers from last night's crock pot chicken, carrots and red potatoes.  So good. All the spices got married and had flavor babies.   Drank a 32 oz. water bottle and then had a La Croix.

Dinner:  Leftover Chicken Zucchinni Poppers wrapped in Romaine and an Apple Pear (have you tried this hybrid? It's awesome!!)  dipped in Almond butter.  More citrus water.

Confession:  I didn't do one blood sugar all day. This is typical of Wednesdays.  They are my busiest day at school with 8 classes and a private piano lesson... plus other fun prep responsibilities and emails that always pop up.    But I did not have any lows at school.      I'll go do one right now... hang on.  82. Yee haw!   Guess I'll be dialing back my nightime basil rate a bit again.  One of these days I'll hit the magic number.  Justin has been so annoyed with my early morning lows and cries for juice that we just put fruit next to my bed, knowing it will probably happen.  :)   I'm going to go have a few frozen pieces of fruit and pretend it tastes like ice cream Fudge Pops now.  

Tomorrow my salmon and asparagus await me in my fridge.  Yaaaaasssss.      

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