Friday, March 20, 2015

Whole30 Day 5 and 6

Day 5 Food
Breakfast-  Casserole.  The answer is always egg casserole.  It works on school days.   And coffee.  I got coconut milk.  I might be able to handle this.

Lunch- Leftover chicken roast with red potatoes and carrots.  Still yummy.

Dinner- Salmon with asparagus.  Yes, sir.  Easy and yummy.  

Plaintain chips, lots of water, LaCroix, and an apple pear with almond butter  

Day 6
Breakfast-  Guess what??? It was casserole today.  Tomorrow were going for bacon something.  

Lunch- Didn't really happen.  It was a Clementine and an apple and some water and a La Croix and rectifying an unresolved issue for an important event next week and 3 hours of cheering for sweet students in a track meet.  

Dinner-  Shrimp, avacado, cilantro, lime salad.  Yes.  Yum.   Good stuff.

Basil rate is down to 18 units per day and still haven't had a high over 140.  As you can tell I'm pretty exhaused so I'm gonna be done for today.  Tomorrow brings SATURDAY and refreshment and meal planning for week 2!  Yippee!

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