Thursday, March 26, 2015

Whole30 Day 12

Breakfast- Coffee, Water, Half Banana   Went to Boosterthon run... left Boosterthon run with a really upset stomach towards the end.

Lunch- I grazed today.  It was very busy and long and I didn't want to eat too much and then run out of food.  I had an apple with almond butter, then a hard boiled egg, then an avacado, and a Clementines and more apple slices at the end of the day.   It worked.  Sipped on citrus infused water all day.  

Dinner-   Chicken sausage, small steak, and broiled red potatoes with coconut oil and salt and pepper.  With plenty for lunch tomorrow! And a good salad!

La Croix and tons of water today.   I'm so tired.  My son and I both fell asleep at about 5pm when we got home from school.    Feel like my body is fighting trying not to get sick.   One more work day til Spring Break!
Today I'm so thankful for encouraging words from my husband and friends.   I appreciate the support!!!  

Blood sugar was 80 when I woke up.  Solid!   Stayed good all day.

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