Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Whole30 Day 16

Happy Monday!  It's Spring Break!

Breakfast-  Fruit and coffee

Lunch- Went down to Pass A Grille with friends!  We packed ham slices, Clementines, melons, into our beach bags.  When we left the beach we stopped at Chic Fila... I got a market grilled chicken salad.  Avoided the blue cheese on it the best I could.  Yummy!

Dinner- I made this Cumin Pork Roast and it was awesome!   The rest of the fam had it over rice.  I had it alone and it was still AWESOME!   This would also be good with some gauc on top.

I went to bed really early.  Sugars have still been great.  I think I've finally leveled out my insulin pump ratios.   However, I'm wondering if I add exercise what will happen.   I'd like to start taking a brisk walk every day to amp it up to the next level.  Spring Break would be a good time to start since I have some extra free time.   This may happen tomorrow.  :)  

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