Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Whole30- Day 3


Breakfast-  Ate some breakfast casserole for breakfast and coffee.  

Lunch-  Tuna salad.... again.... 3rd day... tomorrow change is needed.   Also had a clementine.  Sipped on 32 ounzes of citrus infused water all day.  

Dinner:  Crockpot chicken with red new potatoes and carrots and fresh herbs, also made some grilled greenbeans cooked in coconut oil.  REALLY delish.  

Snacked on a half banana with almond butter and a few frozen pineapple slices before bed last night to ensure NO LOWS and it worked!


 Woke up at about 80 at 6am.   :)  

Clicked back my basil one more unit as I was getting low during class.  Kept correcting with little bites of my Clementine.   :)  

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