Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What Should I Do?

OK here's the deal....

I just transferred 3 prescriptions to the CVS pharmacy because I had the coupons that got you a $25 giftcard, with each transfer. I just got coupons in the mail from our new Publix pharmacy offering $25 giftcards if I now transfer them to Publix. Hmmmmm.... I shop at CVS all the time, I almost feel a sense of customer loyalty to them. I even witnessed them give a free CVS gift card to a homeless man that had wandered in one day. That made me feel good about shopping there. BUT that's $75 of free groceries! What would you do? I welcome your thoughts!


Under the Florida Sun said...

Tough call there.

Can you cancel one or two of the prescriptions as CVS and use them at Publix? That way you can get $25 one place and $50 at another?

Just an idea..

I don't get a lot of prescriptions so I'm not sure how that works.

Keep us posted.

I did stop by your other blog! Very nice. Love all recipes!!

Bethany said...

I have never done this because I don't have prescriptions, but can't you switch to Publix, get your $75 worth and then wait til CVS does another transfer prescriptions and transfer again? Why not?!?!