Monday, June 2, 2008

Indiana Jones and A Parenting Rant...

Justin and I got the chance to go to the new Indiana Jones movie thanks to my fantastic friend Lindsey. For some reason, she didn't want some movie gift cards that her middle school students had given her. (She didn't have AMC's near where she lived) So we put the kids to bed at my parent's house on Saturday night and headed to a late movie. We had sooo much fun!!!! We were trying to remember a time that we had gone on a date since Zoe's been born (which was 9 months ago!!) but we couldn't think of one other than my best friend's wedding, which doesn't really count because I was a bridesmaid and I had duties, dont-cha know!! The movie itself, by the way, was pretty good. I know it's been getting bad reviews, and apparently my sister fell asleep during it. But I was entertained for 2 hours. It wasn't nearly as good as the first ones (think Indiana Jones meets E.T.....I know, weird right?), but I sure enjoyed seeing old "Jonesy" again.

I am a total people watcher. We had to wait in line for a little while and I noticed a lot of things that disturbed me.

1. Teenage girls must not have father's these days because I couldn't believe what some of them were wearing. These new little see thru mini skirts with tanks and bra straps hanging out. Ugh.... I wanted to scream out "That's NOT sexy!!!" Sometimes I wish the "What Not To Wear" couple would just jump out from behind a garbage can and help these poor souls realize that covering up is MUCH more sexy. It leaves more to the imagination and says, "I respect myself and have confidence." Zoe will never leave the house in one of these outfits.

2. I saw at least 4 couples who looked like they were in middle school. With no parents in site. And I looked for hiding spying parents. Couldn't find a one...unless they were incredibly good hiders. Zoe will never go on a date without Justin and I following at a close 25 feet behind, hiding behind garbage cans. (Who'd-a-thought I'd mention hiding behind garbage cans twice in one post?) And she will NOT go on dates in middle school. Nope.

3. Lots of Mom's with very young girls going to see Sex In The City. Do I need to say more? And we wonder why the STD rate is going up with each generation. *shudders* I saw Cal Thomas on Fox News this weekend. He mentioned that if this show was on in his Grandma's generation she'd call it "Sluts in Stilettos" haha. I'm not a huge fan of this show, though I'm sure it's wildly entertaining watching single women sleep with lots of hot men within the first day of knowing them and then endlessly wondering why each relationship fails. Zoe will not watch R rated movies till she's 17 and even then she might not if she chooses to go to the same college we went to, because they don't allow it! haha!! (Thanks FCC)

I don't look forward to adolescence. *runs to go get her Dr. Dobson books from the shelf*

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