Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A1c HomeCheck


Hey fellow D-bloggers!

I just ordered my first A1c Homecheck test from Diabetech. I watched the video from Bernard's Diabetes Tech blog and since I have an endo appointment coming up in a couple weeks, I decided I'd like to see how the two results compare. This will also be my first appointment since being on (and off) the Dexcom 7 CGMS (Continuous Glucose Monitoring System). I'm hoping my results will be better. I'm thinking 6's!!

NOTE: This is NOT a sponsored post. I will review this product and let you know what I think, whether that be good or bad! =)

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Jodee Leader said...

Hi, Windy. I also have Type 1diabetes (diagnosed at age 20). I have worn a Minimed insulin pump for 10 years.

I have never heard of an A1C homecheck test before. My A1C is usually around 7, unless I am pregnant, and then my lowest A1C was a 5.2.