Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Works For Me Wednesday

I went to a baby shower last Saturday night and I mentioned to the Mom how I was surprised at how many crib sheets she registered for.  This is when another Mom piped in and said how she layers her crib sheets so when her baby spits up she doesn't have to lift up the mattress and put another one on.  She lays the diaper changing pads in between them to keep each one clean and dry and says she can fit about 5 sheets on at a time!  THIS IS GENIUS PEOPLE! 

 I did it immediately and when my daughter decided to wake up and throw a fit last night at 2 am until she made herself get sick... it came in real handy.  ;-)      

 Now if there was a works for me Wednesday to get your ten month old to sleep through the night, I'd be all set.   *sigh* 


Becky said...

That IS a good idea!

MichelleD said...

I don't have children. BUT I think this could be a good idea for adults, too...for a different reason. Hehe. :)