Sunday, July 6, 2008

CVS Trip 7/6/08

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I got soooo much crap from CVS tonight!  Here's what I did.... 

1 Pampers Jumbo pack    $8.99
1 Pampers Pull Ups          $8.99
2 Pringles                           $2.00
2 Fabreeze                          $3.99 each 
1 Fabreeze air                    $2.50
1 Tide                                  $5.49
1 bottled water 24 pack   FREE (usually $4.99) 
2 CVS tampons                  $1.49 each
1 CVS Pantyliners              .99
Total Before Coupons = $45 

- $14 ECB's
- 2 / $1 off Pampers
- $3.99   BOGO Fabreeze 
- .35 Tide
- .50  Pringles 
All the rest on gift card   ( The ONE good thing about having Type 1 diabetes is I have a BAJILLION prescriptions for insulin, synthroid, test strips, etc. that I can always transfer or have called in to get a new $25 or $30 giftcard) 

Total Out Of Pocket-  NADA  
EARNED- $10 ECB's  for next time 

So I lost a few ECB's.... but I REALLY needed diapers and pull ups for both kids.  I haven't paid for diapers out of pocket since April when I started playing the CVS Game.   I keep wondering how long it will last, but somehow I keep using ECB's to get them.  Lovin it.  

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Bethany said...

I will be going to CVS tomorrow to do the diaper game! Yay for you! I love couponing and saving money. I'm having so much fun with it. I'm glad you're doing it too, because I don't feel like such a nerd!