Thursday, April 2, 2015

Whole30 Day19

Breakfast- Coffee.  Stomach probs.

Lunch-  Arby's.   Roast beef and curly fries.   Yup.  I died today.  I failed completely. I had a headache, was hangry, had low blood sugar, was unprepared, not feeling well at all and just wanted grease.   So I did it.   I ate Arby's.  So I'm going to give myself grace and move right along.  I'm sad about it... but it is what it is.

Dinner- Tons of water, leftover chicken and veggies.   Honeydew

Justin and Gabe are on a fishing trip so Zoe and I are going to have a girls day tomorrow and get our nails done and do a big shopping trip and make some sweet Easter stuff that is Whole30 compliant.

10 more days.

Sugars went WAY up after Arby's. Even with a decent bolus.  It's back into the 90s now.  My body feels icky.   I'm just going to keep chugging water and snack on fibrous fruit tonight to get it out of my system.

Tomorrow, there will be salmon.   Lots of salmon.


Bethany Jett said...

I commend your choice of Arbys. And I am glad you didn't report a lot of self-loathing. You've done amazing and you've encouraged so many people, myself included. I love you, bestie.

Windy said...

I love you too, Bet!