Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Whole30 Day 24 and 25

Good days.  Busy days at work!

B-  Egg casserole, fruit, coffee, water

L- Romaine, fruit, lunch meat slices

D- Chicken meatballs in maranara with spaghetti squash, steamed brocolli

Snacks- sweet potato chips, fruit, cashews, green beans in coconut oil

I've serious not been able to keep up at work because I had to leave early for a doctor appt today.  Tomorrow is a very busy day too!  Pray for strength!

Will get A1c blood sugar blood work back in a few days.  Hope it's lower than my last 8.4!  Expecting it to be!  My doctor was so encouraging about all my good changes this month.   I've also come off my long term anxiety/depression meds and all my TIA meds from November (Plavix and Aspirin)   I might continue the baby Aspirin therapy.  Thinking on it.  Was getting bruises.  But bruises are better than strokes.

I don't miss bread or pasta anymore.  I miss cheese and cereal... don't miss the bad blood sugars.  Still miss Diet Coke.  Especially from fountain machines.  Love cold bottled water.  Bad for the earth... but delicious in my mouth.

Made mayo, egg salad and tuna salad tonight for lunches tomorrow and Friday.  :)  

Blood sugars and weight seemed to have leveled off.  Was 121 at doctors today so haven't lost or gained.  Still at 17 upd on my pump plus minor boluses.

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