Sunday, April 5, 2015

Whole30 Day 20, 21 and 22!

Easter weekend has been crazy!  Absolutely crazy busy!  I stayed solid on day 20 and 21, but I'm not going to food journal because it's Easter and I led worship at Sunrise service and then rocked 6 cranky-ish babies and then ate my sister's delish-i-oh-so pork and then played in a pool and now I'm ready to sleep for maybe a month.

I have Damaris on the Food Network in the back ground again.  She's making a chocolate peanut butter cake.   Why do I do this to myself?

Breakfast-  Woke up at 5am and made coffee and ate a half banana.  When we got to church after sunrise service the amazing men's ministry cooked hot breakfast and I had some eggs with peppers and some bacon.  Yum.  Huge blessing.

Lunch-  My sister made this awesome pulled pork loin that was just amazing.  Also had a bit of my Mom's homemade potato salad and some celery and carrots.

Dinner-  It's only 4:10... but I'll go light and have a huge salad for dinner and maybe more leftover pork or a hard boiled egg.  

I find myself randomly crying about things lately.  Like I told our music pastor (and my good friend) how good he was at his job becuase he is... and he mentors young musicians like no one I've ever seen... and I just started sobbing and then blamed bread for my tears.   It was a really hard break up. Bread is like the bad boy ex boyfriend who you knew was no good for you but was really good with peanutbutter and jelly... wait, that analogy totally tanked.  Nevermind.  I blame bread again.  

I still hate kale. Stop the kale propoganda.  Arugula and watercress is where the party's at.  Watercress is AMAZING.  Go get some.  

Only 1 week to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

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