Sunday, April 12, 2015

Whole30 Day 27-29

It has been such a busy weekend!  Had a big fundraiser car wash for Rapha House with my students and helped with a sweet friend's baby shower.  Had some very good clean eating along the way.

Can you kinda tell I'm over the food journaling thing and have sort of just aclimated to doing it?  I think that's good news.  Everything about eating this way seems more natural and I feel I'm ready to implement amounts of dairy and grains back in.... very moderately and cautiously, as to not deprive myself of stuff but to really see the big picture of the benefits of putting great things into my body.

I haven't had a diet soda in 29 days.

I HAVE had lots of veggies, fruits, eggs and proteins.  

I successfully went on a fun trip to fill your own Slurpee Cup day at 7-11 without getting a Slurpee.  Justin filled a 2 liter.  Zoe filled a 32 oz cup.  We contemplated bringing a kiddie pool, but decided against it.   Good memories.  

Today I rested and played the catch up game.  I'm kind of still playing it.   Made some chicken salad, egg salad, and tuna salad for lunches this week.

Am I going to drink a diet coke on Tuesday?  Yes.   Am I going to eat grains?  No.

I am going to start an exercise plan on Tuesday to celebrate completion of Whole30.  Probably T-25 again.  I feel like if I exercise on top of these healthy habits... I'll be golden and have even more flexibility in options.  

Should get my A1c result tomorrow from my PCP.  

Whole30 has taught me that eating healthy really matters.



I mean... we all know that putting bad things in your body does not equal good results for your life.  We just like to make excuses as to why we can not maintain healthy eating and ignore the fact that we are hurting ourselves. ALSO... PIZZA IS AWESOME.    Though my family hasn't done the plan with me, they have enjoyed the benefits of having less crap around and more good foods.  I'm thankful to continue on this path to good clean eating for the Cobourne Clan>  

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