Friday, February 22, 2008

A Third Child???

No, no... don't worry, I'm not pregnant!

I took both of my kids to the grocery store with me, by myself, for the first time the other day. I had been scared to do this because my newly-turned 3 year old son, Gabe, has a tendency to run off, hide, and tell random strangers that his baby sister likes to eat Mommy's boobies. I seriously prayed as I left the house. "Please God... just let me get both kids back home without losing Gabe, or having to scrape him off the candy isle screaming, or....ugh. Amen."

We arrived, I put Zoe in her carrier up top and sat Gabe down inside the cart. We went STRAIGHT to the Publix bakery for a free cookie. This buys me about 10 minutes. Thankfully, Gabe eats slow. I zipped up and down the isles in record time, piling the groceries on top of Gabe. Got to the check out. And the wonderful bagger lady helped me to my car without even asking if I needed her to. ROCK ON!

But what about my third child? Ahhh.....yes Good ole' diabetes. It's like having a third kid to worry about sometimes. Diapers? check. Sippee cups? Check. Extra clothes? check. Blood glucose meter? Juice for low blood sugars? Extra pump supplies? Batteries? Lancets? Dexcom? And then there's always that nagging feeling when you DO forget something... "Do I turn the car around and go get it? Or do I chance it and keep going?" If I start to feel funny I have to stop and test my blood sugar (or these days look at my CGMS) "Am I high? low? Do I need water? Juice? Is this headache totally unrelated to diabetes and just a result of being an over-tired new Mom?"

Can you tell I'm a little frustrated today with the big "D"? Sometimes we have these days

*end rant*

I love my first two children with all my being. The third I'd give away in a heartbeat. Any takers? ha.


Johnnie said...

Oh, Windy. You're always so upbeat and cheerful when I see you, I forget that you have diabetes. And I certainly didn't realize how much time and thought you have to give to controlling it until I began reading your blogs.

Glad you made it to the store and back with both your children. I remember a time when Bethany ran back out through automatic doors when we were at the grocery store. Once they closed, they wouldn't open from my side and she wouldn't come close enough for them to open from her side. My heart was in my stomach until a kind woman walked up to the door and realized what was going on. At times like that you want to hug them and spank them at the same time!

Donna said...

Ahhh, the days of taking the kids to the grocery! Whew! I remember those. Always exciting in one way or another. Glad you made it through it with all 3 kids. :)

a wandering heart said...

I LOVE the free cookies at publix. They distract Hannah-Bear from the fact that I didn't let her ride in the impossible to steer car cart.:)

Holly said...

I wish we had a Publix nearby! I think you are doing a great job with all 3 of your kids :-) You are an inspiration to me!!

Angela said...

I've not tried taking my 2 out shopping together yet. My dh loves shopping, something I am very grateful of, and he normally takes only one child. He took them both one time and looked like he'd had a nightmare when he got home. And he gets my kiddies free cheese samples when they're in the supermarket.

I know what you mean about all those D supplies though - real pain.

Naomi said...

OMG -- shopping without my 3 kids is like a *vacation.* And yes, after my son was diagnosed & we had to remember to carry all this STUFF around I remember thinking that it was like having to remember the diaper bag. AGH!!

Valerie said...

You rock! That's all there is to it. I desperately want a CGMS. But, alas, nocando...doc won't even suggest it to me. I read your blog, and am so inspired that SOMETIME, SOMEDAY, I can have that, the way you do. Keep it up, girlfriend. You're doing great. I'm proud of you.