Wednesday, February 6, 2008

CGMS... Round 3

I took off my CGMS sensor last night. I got almost 14 days out of that one. I used an IV 3000 clear sticky thing over it and it helped the adhesive stay on and in place so well! I'm sniffing around for some on ebay because they are pretty expensive. I also have a couple nurse friends who are trying to round some up for me. =)

I haven't put a new one on yet. I'm taking a break for a couple days. I have 3 left and don't yet know if my insurance is going to pull through so I'm trying to stretch things out. I miss being able to look down and see if my sugars are on the rise or on the fall. The trends are one of the best things for me about it. It's not just ONE reading from a finger stick, it's the ability to see if your bolus has kicked in or if you need more insulin to cover what you've eaten, etc. Not a perfect technology, but helpful still.

I'll probably put a new one in tomorrow.

I'm ready for the Hollywood Rounds of American Idol to start. I can't take anymore delusional people who think they can be rock stars.


Donna said...

I hope you hear good news from your insurance company soon.

Chris said...

But that's the fun of American Idol. Watching people make complete asses of themselves. Sorry to see that part end.

I will have to say that the last contestant on Tuesday may be my favorite (as far as talent goes)

Angela said...

That monitor sounds useful. We're struggling to make sence of TJs early night-time blood sugars - getting some crazy results. Something like this on a short-term basis would help with that.