Friday, February 8, 2008

Flat Tummy... shaaa.

I re-inserted a new CGMS sensor last night. I got out my quickstart guide because if I screw up it's an $80 oopsie. I noticed that on the guide it said, "Find a flat part of your stomach and attach the adhesive."

Flat part of my stomach? BWAHAHA!! I'd like to find that too folks!!!


Donna said...

I haven't had a flat part of my stomach since my kids were born. But you look so thin; you shouldn't have a problem with this.

mockster28 said...

Flat Tummys are a thing of the past, Buy bigger shirts,
and enjoy life!

Angela said...

flat stomache after prgenancy is a sun-dream. Everything has stretched! The best you can do is hold your tummy in (not your breath) when ever you climb the stairs or go for a brisk walk. This will help tone you up a bit.

k2 said...

OK -
Flat tummies must be on all of our minds, I wrote about "being born without stomach muscles' right around the same time!

To Quote Elizabeth Pena in "Pulp Fiction," "flat bellies are sexy!
Kelly K