Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tired and Cranky...

pretty much describes my mood this morning. Though it is being brightened by several happy messages on my myspace from various friends.

Zoe woke up about 3 times last night and needed to be fed or cuddled. She's still got her cold. Gabriel kept waking up with "growing pains". He was sobbing because his "wegs hurt." Justin said his legs and feet used to hurt too at night when he was a little boy and his Mom would have to come in and rub them.

I'm just in a daze and totally unmotivated this morning. I reset my Dexcom to see if I could get a couple more days out of this first sensor. It's been a week since I started on my CGMS and without a doubt it is helping me keep my sugars close in target range and is waking me up at night if I get too high or too low. Haven't heard from insurance company yet. (taps nails, waits, paces, waits...)

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Donna said...

Cara just had her CGMS approved by her insurance company. Maybe they'll get on some kind of roll & approve yours, too. Good luck!