Monday, January 28, 2008

$$ Billions and Billions $$

The American Diabetes Association released THIS article about the raising cost of diabetes in America. It was up 32% from 2002 and is now costing Americans $174 billion dollars a year. (This is also not including any healthcare costs of the approx. 5 million undiagnosed diabetics in America) Amy T. from Diabetes Mine noted that this is more than the cost of all the wars we are fighting overseas. That fact is stunning.

Ahhh, all this leading back to my own personal small scale financial troubles with this disease. Co pays, doctor visits, pump supplies, and now CGMS supplies. I am really praying that my insurance company doesn't give me too much trouble about covering my new CGMS. To me it makes so much sense for them to cover it. Due to the more stable BS levels there will be... less hospital visits, less chance of long term complications, lower A1c's, I could go on and on. Yet I continue to read blogs of diabetes patients having go arounds with their companies in getting their basic supplies covered. As Type 1 diabetics, we have to deal with so much already, that it would be a BLESSING to not have to deal with the financial aspects on top of the health and emotional issues.


Donna said...

I hope your insurance company approves your CGMS ASAP.

Chris said...

Windy -

sorry I didn't get back to your flickr comment before now but about the other blogger who posted about the type 2 article it was Jillian at Diabetor and Me: