Saturday, January 26, 2008

Naming My Friends

My new friend on Tu Diabetes, Toni Crebbin, decided to name her pump and her CGMS. I think that is a GREAT idea. I mean, yes, they are inanimate objects, BUT they are soo much more, aren't they? My pump is hooked to me 24/7 and when we're apart I feel like I'm missing a limb! And my new Dexcom... well, she's growing on me. Sometimes I lose her because she's so new, I forget to bring her from room to room. So I challenge you to join me!! Name your friends. I'll be back when I think of something good. =)


Jillian said...

My pump has a name, Orin. In Gaelic it means little green one, which is exactly what he is, a green Cozmo. I hope can pick the perfect names for your gizmos!

Donna said...

I've had my pump for over a year & have never named it! I have got to come up with something, too. Good luck in your name search!