Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I Dream of Tetris

Have you seen the Diabetes Mine Design Challenge? I always enjoy reading the posts and watching the entries each year! Inventing tech-y-ish things isn't exactly my forte. I'd rather write a sonata or something.... :) But there is one thing I've always wished for, especially when I was just a young buck. So if you need an idea. Here's mine and you're welcome to make it a reality for me.

Tetris on my insulin pump.

Or any games really!

Snake? Pong? Angry Birds?

This would have been especially fun when I had boring high school/college classes and got busted for texting or playing mindless apps in class. This is how it goes in my mind:

Teacher: "I'm sorry, I'm going to have to take that and you can get it from me after class."

Windy: "Oh! I'm sorry, it's just my insulin pump."

Teacher: *feeling ashamed and dirtbag like* "Oh! Well, didn't know. Go ahead and finish."


I know. I'm terrible. But you know it's funny.

This may require a super-man like battery to power it. One made out of cryptonite or something. But, dang-it, it's 2011!

Make one Super-geeks!

Can't a girl get a fun insulin pump?

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Adjoa said...

Where do I sign up for "Fun Insulin Pump" IT will be nice to have games or at least a game on our pumps