Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Good Day

Today was beautiful. I love the heat of the Florida sunshine. I've only seen snow one time in my life on a ski trip in the 9th grade. That was enough... I missed the sand.

This afternoon my kids and I jumped in the SUV, picked up my niece, and drove towards the beach.

When we arrived the kids immediately started digging a "hot tub" with their shovels and buckets. Then they made pillows out of the sand. Then castles.

The waves were pretty big. We went in the water to cool off, jumping over breaking waves and squealing as each one knocked us over.

As the kids were building their various creations together, I took a moment to just soak in the perfect moment that was happening. I mean really just sat there, with tears in my eyes, thanking God for this perfect moment, trying to sear the memory into my brain.

I lost a good friend to cancer last week. Her Celebration of Life service was yesterday. Just a couple months ago she was giving me advice about my Kindergartener who was being mischievous at school. She was a mentor and a friend in so many ways. The impact of her life was shown yesterday as countless people gave testimonies of how she encouraged them, sacrificially gave of her time, efforts, talents. It was amazing to hear. Now she's gone.
Just like that.

Life is such a fragile thing.

We always say that, but yet we often don't live like we believe it.

So today I savored every little moment intentionally. I gave to others sacrificially. I reflected with a grateful heart all God has done for me. I spent time with good friends. And I sit here in gratitude for one more day I've been given here on earth. I tried to make a difference.

I really want to live every day like I did today.

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