Saturday, October 16, 2010

Spa Day!

I know I'm late on this! But better late than never, eh?

I had the most amazing night at the Safety Harbor Resort and Spa last night. It was a welcome break from the kids and responsibilities of life, and I was reminded of what an awesome rich person I would make. Really, I'd be great at it.

My friend, Julie, had bought some bargain passes from Groupon and we grabbed our robes and towels and stepped into the Turkish Steam Bath room....aka....Heaven.

Ahhhhh... relaxation, peace, not a hint of screaming children. A few minutes into our zen-like experience, a buck naked 70 year old woman walked into the room which pretty much made the experience even more memorable. She, thankfully, was a professional on Turkish Steam Baths and knew how to manipulate the thermostat into creating more steam so we couldn't see her across the room. We had a nice conversation about the health benefits of steam baths and how we should jump into the freezing mineral springs plunge pool naked as soon as we walk out of the steam room. It would tighten our skin or something.

So we did it.

And this morning I'm wondering if she was just messing with us... maybe the veteran spa members like to mess with the naive younger ladies.

Whatever the case, it was totally awesome. And I've got to figure out how I can get a membership there! :)


tony said...

That sounds like fun. It's nice to be able to get away for a bit and just relax. I would also put myself in the "awesome at being rich" club. Lol

SLMW8MAN said...

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SLMW8MAN said...