Friday, October 22, 2010


I thought it was a good time to remind myself some things that I am VERY thankful for despite having Type 1 diabetes. After reading about a 13 year old child who lost her life to Type 1 diabetes from the "dead in bed" syndrome, my heart sank and I was reminded, once again, how blessed I am to LIVE each day. My heart and prayers go out to this family. It says in the description that this affects 20-60 people each year, which doesn't seem like a lot, but to this family, one of those 60 was their baby. And that just destroys my heart every time I think about it.

November is the month of both Thanksgiving AND also World Diabetes Day. I would love to challenge you to write a post about thankfulness and diabetes. Those are the only parameters! I think we could ALL benefit from reading each other's positive perspectives on the hard days that we sometimes have! I am not TOTALLY super blog savvy lady. I'd love to make a little "button thingy" (that's the technical term I'm sure pffft.) for us all to use and link up somewhere. Anyone wanna partner with me on spreading the word and hosting??

Here's a few of the things, at age 29, after having Type 1 for 22 years that I am thankful for.

* I am so thankful, that despite how freaked out my parents must have been at times, that they let me go to summer camps and foreign mission trips and school overnight field trips and experience a semi-normal adolescence full of travel and life lessons!

* I am so thankful that I am blessed to live in the United States, where insulin,technology, and information is so accessible.

* I am thankful that diabetes motivates me all the more to eat healthy foods and be an active mom with my kids.

* I am thankful that I have diabetes and my children do not.

So there's just a few! What are you thankful for?

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