Sunday, May 3, 2009

My $30 shopping trip

Great week at Publix, CVS, and Walgreens for me. Here's what I got at the three stores, I saved 68% at Publix today using sales and coupons. I was extra excited about all the free Schick razors, sour cream, and all the cheap Smart Balance items! Also the V8 juices were only $1 each at Walgreens after the $2 off coupons. My husband will also be enjoying the sugary cereal which was .67 per box at CVS (after coupons and ECB's)

Also, don't forget on Wednesday you can get a FREE 8x10 picture enlargement on with promo code MOTHER at check out.

On the diabetes front.... I have a cold and I feel like CRAP. I am really concerned about my hypothyroidism and am planning to call my endo on Monday to schedule an appointment to talk about the EXTREME fatigue I've recently started feeling. Something is wrong and I am going to push for further blood work and testing because I know this is not right....


Scott K. Johnson said...

Wow - that's quite a haul you made! Awesome!

Sorry you're feeling crummy - not awesome. Hope you can get it figured out and get back to better soon!

Kristina said...

Hi There! I found your blog today when I was researching info on Blue Shield and the Dexcom CGM. I just got my rejection letter today! I would appreciate hearing your story and if you were able to get reimbursed. I've had type 1 for 18 years and the CGM is great!
Thanks for your time!

Windy said...

Hey Kristina! I couldn't access your profile page for some reason so I'll just comment here and hope you check back. I appealed, had my endo write a letter including the words "hypoglycemia unawareness" and also mentioned my ER visits and 911 calls.... I also had to send in 90 days worth of blood glucose tests and "made sure" I had at least 2 lows under 50 mg documented. It's a total business decision with them and if you are persistent and CALL AND CALL and send them everything you can in the appeal process you WILL get approved eventually. Also, mine was BCBS of Ohio (Anthem) Best wishes!! CGM should be covered by all insurance.... it truly is a lifesaver!

Windy said...

Oops, that was 2 lows PER WEEK documented under 50 mg.... sorry!

Kristina said...

thanks Windy! I couldn't access your profile page either! Thanks so much for the quick response. It gives me hope to hear about people like you who didn't give up. It's inspiring to see that you have beautiful children too!( which is something that me and my husband are thinking about too..) If you have time, email me @
Thanks again!